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Grant Writing For Educators - Where To Start and What You Should Know



In this video, I'm happy to share some information with you today to help you do a more effective grant writing job, especially as an educator. Enjoy!

Hey my friend, Rodney Walker here of Grant Central USA, thank you for joining me. I'm happy to share some information with you today to help you to do a more effective job of grant writing, especially as an educator. 

Are you seeking grants to help your school or your district? Well, I have some information that's going to help you to do a more effective job of that. That said, let's dive on in. 


Grant Writing for Education

What I will share with you in this video, the difference between education grant writing and some of the others and some things that you want to consider as you start applying for grants. The first major difference when we start...

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How Can You Benefit From A Grant Writing Certification And Is It Really Important To These Days?



Here's a video blog I did today! The whole transcription is on this page with some additional resources to help you.

  • The Advantage Of A Grant Writing Certification
  • Ways Of Actually Getting Trained

Hey, guys, Rodney Walker here and I'm here to address the issue with you of how can you benefit from a grant writing certification? Can you benefit from grant writing certification? And why would it be important? I want to talk to you about this issue.

If you see some of the other videos that I've done on this topic, you know, I've been looking at what a certification is and we've been talking about that from from top to bottom. And I want to share with you some ways that you can do this. But before that, I want to share with you right now, like, how can you benefit? Can you actually benefit from a grant writing certification? And if so, how so? 

The Advantage Of A Grant Writing Certification

So come on in. Let's grab a seat and let's talk about this. So we looked at the...

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Overcoming Adversity To Become A Grant Writer | She Did It... Kayla Bey


Words cannot express how proud I am of Kayla Bey. When she first came to me interested in learning to write grants, she was already in a dire situation. This young lady demonstrated a dogged tenacity to get what she desired even though her circumstances and conditions could have made the average person give up.

She wasn't going to quit! Even though her situation went from bad to worse. She still wasn't giving up on what she wanted. Even when she had to go to a different state with your son, she didn't give up in a move that seemed to be going backward to keep her head above water.

That's why after having worked with her and sharing my knowledge of grant writing, it does my heart well to see her soar like an eagle in doing what she wanted to do and working on her wealth with her business on the side. Hats off to Kayla Bey... Please join me in congratulating this fighter!

Below is the transcript of the surprise pop-up that happened a few weeks ago. You will also see a video of a full...

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Grant Hero, Michael Ryer of Amigos Internacionales Turns New Knowledge of Grant Writing Into Half-Million Dollars In Food To Feed The Hungry


Go along with me by watching this meeting with Michael Ryer, the President, and CEO of Amigos Internacionales Corporation and I'm excited to share with you this great news! Below is the transcription of our interview. Enjoy! 

Rodney Walker Hi, this is Rodney Walker with grant writing that gets funded. I'm so excited today to have Michael Rogner here, who is the President and CEO of Amigos Internacionales Corporation. Hi, Mike. Welcome. 

Michael Ryer Hi Rodney, how are you? 

Rodney Walker I'm doing great. Mike, I'm so excited to have you on this call today because you sent me an email recently about some great news. Tell us more about that great news. 

Michael Ryer Yes. 


The Grant Writing Course

Rodney Walker And then I want to find out a bit...

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Grant Trends 2021: Changes Are In The Air As HHS Seeks To Modernize Grant Management Processes And Systems


Hey, guys, Rodney Walker here of Grant Central USA. I'm over at the Grants Community blog and I just want to bring your attention to a recent post regarding the Office of Management and Budget.

They've officially designated grants.gov as the Managing Agency, the United States Department of Health and Human Services as the Quality Service Management Office for Grants Management.

This means that HHS will be leading the effort to transform the federal government management process from end to end, basically overseeing the grant management process in four areas the pre-award, post-award, and closeout.

Now, what's really important to note about this is a few things.

One, that the HHS will be working to help, to modernize, and to improve on the grant development efforts.

This also means that improving your skill in grant writing, through certification, will be more beneficial in your career as an online grant writer.

And what's also really worth noting, as we look at this, in the fiscal...

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Grant Writers Associations Soars Pass 15,000 Members... Join Us Today!

Hey, guys, Rodney Walker of Grant Central USA. I want to take a moment to acknowledge this special day, January 26, 2021.

This is the day that our group, the Grant Writers Association, has officially crossed over the 15,000 member mark. Yes, 15,000 plus members now are part of the Grant Writers Association, and we have people standing in line waiting to get in. 

Thank you for making that possible. 

If you haven't had an opportunity to hear the story yet, feel free to go over to GetFundedwithRodney.com. This will take you to the channel, and you will get an opportunity to hear and learn more about the story of how all of this came about. 

I believe that you'll find it very inspirational. Here's the actual session that's about 10 minutes long that will tell you exactly how this came about. When they treat you like dirt, my recommendation is that you grow. 

And while you're at it, I think you may enjoy listening to the whole set. Remember, you are welcome to join...

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Grant Writing For Artists ... Is It Even Worth It or Not?



Grant writing for artists is similar yet different from other aspects of applying for grant funding. In this video, I share some information about being an artist and writing grants from this perspective. This lays the groundwork for how to pursue it.

Hey, my friend Rodney Walker here and just doing a little biking and I decided to take a break and talk to you about this whole thing about Grant writing for artists. Now, I know you may be an artist right now, and I don't know what kind of artist you are, even as you kind of hear in the background. I have somebody playing, and in my mind, that person is an artist as well. 

But in this particular video, I'm going to be sharing with you some information about being an artist and writing grants as an artist. The first thing I want to kind of address in our time is "Is it worth it? Should you be going at the grants and doing grant writing...

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How a Freelance Writer can Make the Transition to Grant Writer


As a freelance writer, you have control over your schedule and workload. You have the opportunity to work with individuals and organizations from various industries, too. However, this career path offers little job security and financial stability. When work opportunities are scarce, you’ll be left with one-off assignments that barely pay the minimum.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave the freelancer lifestyle to earn additional income. Grant writing is a good way to bolster your current work. Non-profit organizations are always in need of skilled writers to create proposals to raise money. This line of work allows you to help make changes to the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

What is Grant Writing?

Grant writing is the concept of creating proposals to raise funds for the activities planned by non-profit organizations. These proposals are sent to financial institutions and potential donors in the private sector.

This profession is always in high...

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From A Thought To A Grant Writing Business In Just A Few Months: Special One-on-One Interview with Camille Ricks



  Join me by watching this interview with our special guest Camille Ricks as she reaches her goal. She's the owner and founder of Ricks Creative Agency. Below is the transcription of our interview. Enjoy!

Rodney Walker: Hello, guys. Rodney Walker here of Grant Central USA and today, I'm excited to have a rock star who's doing some incredible things in the grant writing arena, none other than Miss Camille Ricks. Welcome, Camille.

Camille Ricks: Hello, Rodney. Thank you so much for inviting me here.

Rodney Walker: I'm so excited to have you here. And I'm excited about what's going on with you. I've been hearing some incredible things and I'm excited for our listeners to be able to get a chance to hear some of your stories. So tell me this,...

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What’s The Difference Between A Grant Writing Training Vs. A Grant Writing Certification?




Hey, guys, Rodney Walker here, I want to share with you what is the difference between a grant writing training versus a grant writing certification? This is a question that I get quite often, so I want to address it. What's the difference? Now, when you have a grant writing training, a training is very specific to what you're trying to learn, and it's really training designed to help you to master a certain type of skill. And whatever the skill is, there are different areas of grant writing. There are so many areas in grant writing. And so when you when you're looking at actually doing this, you want to kind of take into consideration, you know, what is the training that I'm looking to go through? What is it going to be providing me? What exactly is it going to be teaching me? And there, like I said, so many different areas. So one is training you to learn a particular skill.

For instance, that skill may be teaching you how to do an effective grant writing budget, or...

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