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Grant Writers Associations Soars Pass 15,000 Members... Join Us Today!

grant writing Jan 26, 2021

Hey, guys, Rodney Walker of Grant Central USA. I want to take a moment to acknowledge this special day, January 26, 2021.

This is the day that our group, the Grant Writers Association, has officially crossed over the 15,000 member mark. Yes, 15,000 plus members now are part of the Grant Writers Association, and we have people standing in line waiting to get in. 

Thank you for making that possible. 

If you haven't had an opportunity to hear the story yet, feel free to go over to GetFundedwithRodney.com. This will take you to the channel, and you will get an opportunity to hear and learn more about the story of how all of this came about. 

I believe that you'll find it very inspirational. Here's the actual session that's about 10 minutes long that will tell you exactly how this came about. When they treat you like dirt, my recommendation is that you grow. 

And while you're at it, I think you may enjoy listening to the whole set. Remember, you are welcome to join us if you haven't already over at the GrantWritersAssociation.com over on LinkedIn.

I look forward to seeing you soon. And all the best. 

Be brave, Be bold, Be brilliant... Take charge! 



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