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Learn how to write grant proposals that get you funded right from the comfort of your home with Grant Central USA’s online grant writing courses!

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The Perfect Way to Upskill at Home

Just because there’s a pandemic and working or studying from home is now the norm doesn’t mean your non-profit organization’s work stops. In fact, with many communities struggling, now might be the time they need your services the most. But your non-profit also needs funding to get your operations going.

If you want to elevate your grant writing skills and ensure that foundations and grantmakers approve your applications, now is the perfect time to enroll in Grant Central USA’s online grant writing courses! Our grant writing certification program is done online for your safety and convenience and will give you the knowledge and skills to write grant proposals that get you funded!

Who Should Take a Grant Writing Course?

Our online grant writing training is open to everyone! But you will get the most out of our programs if you are a part of a non-profit organization and want to help your team be awarded with high-value grants.

Our courses are also suitable for individuals who want to make a career out of being a professional grant writer. A job as a grant writer allows you to work from anywhere you want as long as you have a laptop and internet. What’s more, we can help you find leads for clients who need your effective grant writing skills.

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Why Work With Grant Central USA?

Grant Central USA is one of the most established grant consultancy firms in the country. Founded in 2006, our company has helped countless non-profit organizations create competitive grant proposals that landed them millions of dollars. By taking the best and most comprehensive online grant writing courses, your organization could be next!

What Can You Expect After the Program?

By the time you complete Grant Central USA’s training program, you will have learned:

  • The importance of compelling grant writing
  • How to search for and approach potential funders
  • How to create a budget that outlines what you’ll do with the grant
  • How to write an effective cover letter

You will have also learned the best way to submit your proposals and how to critique it to turn it into its best, most compelling version.

Don’t let a high-value grant slip through your fingers. Take matters into your own hands by enrolling in our online grant writing certification program. See our complete offer here.

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