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Fulfill Your Purpose to the Community with a Well-Funded Non-Profit

We understand the essential role non-profit organizations have in a community. You may be passionate about a cause that not many people are paying attention to, or you may notice a wrong, and you want to help set it right. But doing these things isn’t free, so you need the help of financial institutions or government agencies to fund your project.

Anyone can write a grant proposal, but not everyone can write an effective one. And an effective appeal isn’t written overnight. Or in a week. Not even in a month. The research into your potential sponsors alone can take weeks. Crafting a proposal that will get you results can take a few months.

If you lack the skills and time to write compelling grant proposals, you can count on professional grant writing services to do the job for you.

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Grant Central USA is a California-based grant consulting firm founded in 2006. We primarily offer training courses to future grant writers. But we also have a talented team of grant writers who have over 50 years of combined grant-writing experience for various organizations. Trust us to get you the funding you need to continue your operations.

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Our Grant Writing Services


Don’t know which foundations or grantmakers to tap for your funding needs? Leave the research to us! We’ll explore all available grant options that will match your organization’s goals, giving you a better chance of getting approved.


One of our principal grant writing offerings, we work with non-profits like you to write a grant that will give you the results you need. Our team of expert grant writers will work with you to complete your application from research to writing.


State and federal agencies often give grants to worthy causes. If you find one tailored for your non-profit’s work, we will adhere to their eligibility requirements and write a proposal that will compel them to award you a grant.


Already have a grant proposal written but need a second set of eyes to make sure it’s effective? We’re the right people for the job! Our proofreading service corrects basic grammar errors and makes sure you follow the grantmaker’s instructions.


Want to become a grant writer for your organization? Take matters into your own hands with our online grant writing programs! Our professional grant writing coaches will equip you with the skills you need to write grants that get you funded.

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