5 Essential Shifts Needed To Develop Grant Proposals That Get Funded 

Hosted by Rodney Walker, the grant development systems and business coaching expert with over 20 years of experience









Learn How To

Position yourself for success in grant writing by gaining a veteran's perspective on what grant writing is all about

Discover How To

Approach grant writing the right way and gain a head start by learning what grant writing is like and what it takes to get started quickly

Gain Knowledge To

Avoid some of the top common mistakes that Newbies and the unlearned make when they first start grant writing

Isn’t It Time You Learn The Valuable Skill of Grant Writing And Start Securing Funding For The Projects That Matter To You?


Interested in Becoming A Grant Writer, but not quite sure where to start? This FREE introductory training will help you to determine if grant writing is potentially a good fit for you or not. You will learn exactly what it takes to become a grant writer and learn what other professional grant writers did to break into this industry. Plus, discover why this career path may be ideal for you if you enjoy working at home or from remote locations.

There are a lot of things you can do in 45 minutes with your time. However, very few things can be as profitable as hearing the money-making insight you will gain from this webinar that is loaded with information especially for those who are new to grant writing. You will get an opportunity to see what is possible and this will inspire you!

Here's How You Will Benefit...

  • You will learn the most effective way to MASTER the art of developing winning Grant Proposals that Get Funded again and again without wasting lots of aimless time and energy.
  • You will discover the shortcut that places you on the road to BECOMING A GRANT WRITER and winning grants worth thousands and up to millions of dollars.
  • Learn several of the top benefits to having a career as a grant writer and see why this may be what you’ve been looking for to make a greater impact in the world
  • Discover a CLEAR PATH to transition into becoming a grant writer without leaving your job or taking a step backward
  • Gain insight into what makes grant writers so valuable to nonprofits and governmental agencies
  • Learn How Much Most Grant Writers GET PAID and how much they get paid for writing a grant proposal
  • Hear why other grant writers love grant writing and how to determine if you should pursue this career
  • Explore resources available to help you Break Into This Career path quickly without wasting lots of time
  • Discover several of the top mistakes you will definitely want to AVOID as you learn to become a grant writer
  • Plus, much more! 

Don't miss the “Become A Grant Writer” special 45 minute webinar with Rodney Walker as he coaches you through the 5  Essential Shifts Needed To Develop Grant Proposals That Get Funded with powerful and practical insight. 

This grant writing training is packed with several REAL-LIFE STORIES of ordinary people who have Learned How To Write Grants for their nonprofit organizations and government agencies within a relatively short timeframe. It doesn’t have to take years to learn this valuable skill… many have got funded thousands of and even millions of grant dollars in under 6 months. You will learn EXACTLY what they did that took them from being clueless to becoming a proficient grant writer.

You will be amazed when you discover the power that grant writing has in being able to secure lots of money in a relatively short time frame. This informative webinar will help you to gain a greater sense of confidence as you go through various case studies and see what it took for others who started out just like you did to become successful. If you are serious about moving forward as a grant writer and saying goodbye to simply remaining an uninformed beginner you will definitely want to attend thisI

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