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Overcoming Adversity To Become A Grant Writer | She Did It... Kayla Bey

grant writing Feb 03, 2021

Words cannot express how proud I am of Kayla Bey. When she first came to me interested in learning to write grants, she was already in a dire situation. This young lady demonstrated a dogged tenacity to get what she desired even though her circumstances and conditions could have made the average person give up.

She wasn't going to quit! Even though her situation went from bad to worse. She still wasn't giving up on what she wanted. Even when she had to go to a different state with your son, she didn't give up in a move that seemed to be going backward to keep her head above water.

That's why after having worked with her and sharing my knowledge of grant writing, it does my heart well to see her soar like an eagle in doing what she wanted to do and working on her wealth with her business on the side. Hats off to Kayla Bey... Please join me in congratulating this fighter!

Below is the transcript of the surprise pop-up that happened a few weeks ago. You will also see a video of a full 30-minute interview that you want to watch below. Enjoy!

Rodney Walker: I want to talk to you. Are you ready? And then, Lisa, I'm coming to you, so I want you all to get ready because I'm coming.

Rodney Walker: Miss Kayla, got your hair looking cool over there. How you doing?

Kayla Bey: Hey, Rodney, I've been meaning to follow up with you. So receiving your email today was right on time.

Rodney Walker: I'm so glad to get a chance to see you. See you walking around and all that good stuff. Kayla, talk to me. What do you hearing so far?  And does any of this connect? Does any of this resonate? Does any of this make sense? 

Kayla Bey: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So many things. First, I just like to say that I just appreciate you so much. I miss talking to you. So I have to do a better job of staying in contact. But I was a part of Rodney's grant certification program last year. And honestly, just a really low point in my life. I had a lot of stuff going on. I was trying to relocate and move and taking that certification single-handedly changed my lifestyle. It's it's incredible that this is now turning into a testimony for you and for me, Rodney, because, I mean, look, look, look at where I am. You see my background, where I'm living.

Rodney Walker: So where is this? Is this Austin? Where is it? 

Kayla Bey: I'm in Austin. 

Rodney Walker: You did it? 

Kayla Bey: Oh, yeah.

Rodney Walker: Booyah, wow. Awesome... Tell me more!


Coping With Change

Kayla Bey: Yeah. Yeah. So sorry to kind of hold you guys up, but I'm going to go ahead in the moment. I was taking Rodney's program. Like I said, I was just in a low point career-wise and I wanted to do something different. And you know, the first thing Rodney really instilled in my mindset was that you have to make the decision on what it is that you're going to do to elevate and change your life. And that's exactly what I did. He was able to work with me. I got through the program, and as soon as I was able to update my resume and update my LinkedIn, I want it to come to Austin. And if you guys know Rodney, he went to UT. And so he was down here, I believe, undergrad. And you did everything you could to help me aligning me with the right people. And so because of my grant writing certification on my resume and on my LinkedIn, the company, that I currently work for, I write proposals there, their RFP, their request for proposals, request for qualifications, also known as RFQ. So my job literally all day is to find funding and write grants for construction companies, architectural companies, basically consulting firms all over the US, not just Texas. So I have to contribute all of my success to Rodney because you were amazing and being a mentor for me.

Kayla Bey: Some other things that I'm hearing, the TV cutting out TV. You know, when I spoke to you, you know, last year or the year before I cut out TV when my son was born because of the agenda and certain things that I don't agree with in my household. And I didn't want to expose my son to that. Not only are you taking away that extra time where you're just like, you know, frivolously giving up your time, you know, like you mentioned, you know, you're watching a comedy special for two hours and all you're getting out of it is a laugh, which is needed. But in terms of wasting your time and not being focused on what your goals are, helped me quite a bit. So it's been going on six years now that I haven't had TV. You save about three thousand dollars a year, by the way, by not having cable and just, you know, wasting time doing that. So I've been able to grow my business, Instant Beauty. I've been able to spend so much time on that, you know, and just growing my clients well and focusing. Currently, I'm in a program where I'm doing a Ecom Certification Program also. So so I just wanted to comment and just acknowledge that what you do is changing people's lives. And I'd love to get with you and maybe do a testimony video because it single-handedly changed my life. So I just want to thank you.

Special Interview with Kayla Bey | Grant Central USA


Rodney Walker: Wow. I had no clue that you were going to share what you share today. And let me say this. I am so proud of you. I mean, like, listen, I remember the conversations we were had. I remember this I remember when you were back in Arkansas and did the show me what you just showed me. And you see, how do you step out. And I know you want to go to Austin to do what you're doing. Amazing. And you are a perfect example of what can be once you simply make a decision because I remember making a decision to leave. And this is not this is unacceptable. And you wanted something. More, more for yourself and more for your son, and you made a move and I'm just I'm excited to have had a little part to play in it, the biggest part came you, because I know you made a decision to make it. You made a decision. We had a telephone call. We were talking about, if you like, hey, I'm going to do this. I'm going to step out. And you stepped out and I remember you being in the class, not going to the lessons, going through everything, learning and being. I was like, well, you got it. You have it. And then you see what you're doing right now where you just made some moves. So listen, you have a send some love to Kayla, huh? 


The Importance of Grant Writing

Kayla Bey: Yeah. And I really quickly, I want to add that originally I was in your program so I could create my own grant writing services. I initially wanted to be able to do this freelancing on my own, but having adaptability and being able to change with circumstances. I was still able to land a better situation then I was in. And although I didn't wholeheartedly create my own grant writing service, it's still something that led me to a fantastic opportunity, working for a great company. And so I just wanted to share that and say thank you so much. You are amazing and keep doing what you're doing. Anybody on this call, this guy is pure gold and I appreciate you so much.


Rodney Walker: Wow. Thank you. This is a pleasant surprise. Thank you for the wonderful words. I really appreciate that. And yeah, I feel listen, I feel like I feel like a proud big brother or something around here. I feel proud because I'm like, man, she went and did it. I love hearing that. And it just is a sign for others of what can happen. And I want you guys to hear me well in this world. Hear me? Well, what I'm about to say, I'm I'm really grateful that Kayla got a chance to come to our program. But for me today, what I'm sharing with you, this is not about me and my program. What I'm saying today is about you taking ownership of your life. And you can do that with or without my program. There are people that you align yourself up with that can help you to get to wherever you're trying to go to father. And that's my goal, is for you to look at, hey, who am I hanging around with right now? And is this person helping to take me to where I'm trying to go? And if not, you've got to make decisions. I can't tell you what decisions to make. But you know what? They have this thing that's above your neck and it's above your neck. We'll tell you what you need to do and share with you how to do what you need to do to get you to where you're going. I tell my friends all the time I have some other friends. And, you know, that thing this thing up here is more than just a hat racks, OK? It's designed to take you where you need to go. It is the most powerful machine on the face of this earth. Your mind.


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