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Get Funded Inner Circle, the global community for new and seasoned grant writers and organizations who come for fast and dramatic growth, and stay for continued, long-term prosperity. 

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The good news is we can help you solve that issue with our proprietary grant development systems and strategies and set your career, business or organization on a new trajectory of growth that will ultimately help you to get funded again and again.

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We have helped thousands of people and organizations – in every imaginable nonprofit and government agency – get on the path to getting funded with solid strategies for growth and success.

In fact, it’s our mission.

Our Game-Changing Strategies And Knowledge Give You...

⭐️The Ability to think differently about winning grants, upgrading your career and maximizing your business for ultimate success.

⭐️The Tools to make yourself and your organization more attractive to funders who want to fund your projects again and again because you discover how to develop powerful money-making relationships with them and the things they are interested in supporting.


Right now, you might  be guessing what it takes to win grants at the highest level. Maybe you have taken a few grant writing classes and read a few books but are still lacking the confidence and knowledge needed to win grants the way you want. Some trainings only give you enough information to keep you begging for more. And that’s, well, unacceptable.

At Get Funded Inner Circle, we offer you a major alternative: a predictable, reliable SYSTEM for getting funded, advancing your career and attracting a long line of prospects who already know they want to do business with you.

Because you’re here now, in the right place at the right time, we’d like to help you take back the ship and set a new course for serious grant funding, career advancement, and business growth with:

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As A Member You’ll Receive A Steady Stream Of Grant Insight And Tools To Drive Your Personal, Career, And Business Success In Winning Grants 

Here’s What Is Included:

Jam-packed with practical information to help you gain a competitive advantage in winning grants and taking your skills to the next level.


  • How ANY new or seasoned Grant Professional Can Multiply Their Success 10x
  • The “Hidden Goldmine” in Everyone’s grant efforts and HOW to Capitalize on it
  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE most Grant Writers make in their grant seeking efforts

Grant Writing Insight Training Series - Funders & Grant Professionals Edition (Retail Value = $497.00)

The Video Training Series will walk you through how to implement the strategies used by the most successful grant professionals. Get ready to crack the code to unlock the Grant Money Vault where you will gain special knowledge from those who give out the money and those who have learned how to get the money! 


  • How to increase your chances of getting funded – no matter what type of grants you are seeking
  • How to choose the right grants to apply to so you will be able to put more money in your pocket
  • How to avoid costly and time-draining mistakes made by many grant seekers
  • How to become more attractive to funders likely to support your cause to get funded again and again
  • How to get funders to choose you vs. your competition
  • Find out the first things funders recommend you should do before asking them for a single penny!
  • Hear how other successful grantees build rapport with funders to keep the money flowing their way and how you can do the same

The Gold Membership Jumpstart BONUS - The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Workshop CDs 

(Retail Value = $197.00)

Jam-packed overview of what it takes to get funded from an hour and a half long workshop with 17 MP3 downloadable audio files to jumpstart your grant writing success!



  • You will receive monthly access to my powerful live GFIC - Get Funded webinarsEach one is overflowing with the latest Grant & Money-Making Strategies. There are always terrific examples of "What’s-Working-NOW" Strategies, and timely marketing news and trends. This will quickly become one of your favorite secret tools for gaining a competitive advantage in winning more grants.
  • Your Grant Writing Library Is LOADED With What’s Working Now; Real People, Real Results! EXCLUSIVE interviews with successful users of our grant development systems, leading experts and funders in philanthropy. Use them to turn your commute time into “POWER Thinking” time.
  • Your membership also gives you unrestricted access to our Members-Only site, where you can download or interact with all materials online PLUS connect into our members-only groups and community.

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You Have 2 Choices But Only One Makes Sense

You can either keep doing grant writing and running your business in isolation, relying on hit-or-miss guesses and the next shiny object.


You can shortcut years of trial and error by choosing our proven grant development systems enjoyed by thousands of successful alumni and GET FUNDED Inner Circle members.

We have a much better way, I assure you.

Why stress out trying to reinvent the wheel when there's a tire company in your backyard. We're it. Let's get rolling together and experience the success that I've helped so many others to enjoy.

Now is the time to discover Get Funded Inner Circle’s pathway to winning grants, enhancing your career and developing financial freedom.

Join us today and start learning right now... Really, it’s that easy!

Thank you for spending some time here today – I look forward to meeting you at the next Get Funded Inner Circle event. 

All the best,

Rodney Walker

President of Grant Central USA

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Ideal for Individuals and Organizations Seeking To Learn Grant Writing And Get Funded 

  • Special Access To Live 1 Hour Monthly Get Funded Master Class
  • Online Access To The Grant Money Vault, Exclusive Grant Trainings, Packed with Grant Samples, Articles, Templates, Forms and more!
  • Get ALL Your Grant Writing Questions Answered in Ask Rodney Live Q & A
  • Members Only Discount Savings!




Ideal for Individuals Seeking To Advance In Grant Writing and Become A Recognized Grant Professional  

  • Special Access To Live 1.5 Hour Monthly Get Funded Master Class
  • Online Access To The Grant Money Vault, Exclusive Grant Trainings, Packed with Grant Samples, Articles, Templates, Forms and more!
  • Get ALL Your Grant Writing Questions Answered in Ask Rodney Live Q & A
  • Grant Professionals Career Essentials Training Resources
  • Official Membership Into The Grant Writers Association and Exclusive Trainings
  • Members Only Discount Savings!




Ideal for Individuals Seeking To Advance In Grant Writing and Grow A Successful and Thriving Grant Writing Business 

  • Special Access To Live 1.5 Hour Monthly Grant Business & Marketing Master Training with Rodney
  • Online Access To The Grant Money Vault, Exclusive Grant Trainings, Packed with Grant Samples, Articles, Templates, Forms and more!
  • Get ALL Your Grant Writing Questions Answered in Ask Rodney Live Q & A
  • Freelance Grant Writing Essentials Training Resources, Forms, and Agreements
  • Official Membership Into The Grant Writers Association and Exclusive Trainings
  • Members Only Discount Savings!

"Rodney is a grant genius! His courses are well thought out and clear, making the process of learning grant writing easier and he maintains open communication... encouraging past students to reach out in an effort to create a supportive network of grant professionals."

Elena Esparza
Procurement/Contract Administrator

"Rodney Walker is a highly engaging teacher. His mentorship changed my life. His vast depths of knowledge of grant writing is portrayed through organized curriculum and enthusiastic teaching. I highly recommend his empowering program if you want to improve your grant writing skills or if you are just starting out in the field."

Elizabeth Starr
Freelance Grant Writer

"I highly recommend Rodney’s classes to learn grant writing! They were very informative and helped simplify the process of writing a proposal. The content of his online library is absolutely priceless. From his insight on communicating with funders to his knowledge about how to format the proposal it was all essential information."

Brooke Wood
Grant Writing Intern

"Through coaching and specialized classes and instruction offered by Rodney Walker we have had a 70% hit rate in grant application approvals. He has helped us tremendously navigate the complex waters of the non-profit grant application process. With our success rate since employing Rodney this relationship has proven to be very effective, with huge returns on our investment"

Wendell Hall

"Rodney is energetic, seasoned and comprehensive in his approach to grant seeking. He understands that it is not simply a matter of writing a proposal, but advocates for strong research and relationship building as a complement to ensuring the best possible fit and chances for success. I have attended a few workshops on grant seeking, and none hold a candle to the combination of business and practical approaches to this industry. He is engaging and unusually informative in leading these workshops, and his background in business and marketing a huge pluses. I highly recommend Rodney as a consultant and presenter"

Lori Call
Development Consultant/Grant Writer

"Rodney is a dynamic teacher. He uses phrases so innovative that I have remembered them years after I attended my first class with him. I have taken two classes with Rodney. The first was Advanced Grant Writing after I had been a successful grant writer for 5 years. The methods in his class took my success to the next level and allowed me to lead grants for a capital campaign. Five years later, I sought Rodney out for additional training. I knew grants, but I didn't know marketing. Rodney's class taught me the winning mindset and the importance of image and marketing. Thank you!"

Alex Dunn
Grant Writing Professional/Business Owner

"I still immensely enjoy listening to his broadcasts and reading what he has to say. I find him to be a continual stream of the most urgent, state-of-the-art, helpful advice for non-profit leaders, leaders who are seeking to keep the most important thing the most important thing. I recommend Rodney as a powerful leader, mentor, and coach."

John Drew
Grant Writing Consultant

"...the King of Grant Writing!"

Holly Rusnick
CEO of Grant Writing & Funding

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