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How a Freelance Writer can Make the Transition to Grant Writer

grant writing Jan 21, 2021

As a freelance writer, you have control over your schedule and workload. You have the opportunity to work with individuals and organizations from various industries, too. However, this career path offers little job security and financial stability. When work opportunities are scarce, you’ll be left with one-off assignments that barely pay the minimum.

Fortunately, you don’t have to leave the freelancer lifestyle to earn additional income. Grant writing is a good way to bolster your current work. Non-profit organizations are always in need of skilled writers to create proposals to raise money. This line of work allows you to help make changes to the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

What is Grant Writing?

Grant writing is the concept of creating proposals to raise funds for the activities planned by non-profit organizations. These proposals are sent to financial institutions and potential donors in the private sector.

This profession is always in high demand as most non-profit organizations are focused on their philanthropic activities, lacking the manpower to handle these proposals. Although anyone can be a grant writer, taking an online grant writing certification course gives you better insight into the process. 

How to Become a Grant Writer

There are ways to help you better understand this career potential. Educating yourself on these matters may help you land a good deal and a string of well-paying jobs.

Get Certified as a Grant Writer

Getting certified is not a requirement, but it gives you legitimacy in this new career path. As demand for this service grows, competition for jobs is getting tougher. Completing a certification course gives you an edge that will make it easier to get tapped for jobs.

Connect with Organizations

There are several non-profit organizations in need of good grant writers. Since these groups focus on specific topics, consider choosing those that fall in line with your values.

  • Schools and other education establishments use grants to raise funds for buying new equipment, improving infrastructure, or hiring additional staff.
  • Environmental organizations use grants to raise funds for promoting new programs and activities, like education programs on climate change.
  • Animal welfare groups use grants to raise funds for improving shelters for safer use and better sanitation.

Build Your Network

Check your city, county, and state for professional fundraising organizations that you can join. It allows you to meet other people in this industry, creating more opportunities for work. As you build and grow your network, you learn more about grant writing and the organizations that require it. Learning more about this environment will help you create better proposals for your clients and identify individuals and organizations to whom you can send these grant proposals.

Become a Certified Writer with Grant Central USA

Grant Central USA offers grant writing courses and coaching to anyone interested in the profession. All these courses are available online for your convenience. Become a certified grant writer in as little as eight weeks.

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