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Grant Hero, Michael Ryer of Amigos Internacionales Turns New Knowledge of Grant Writing Into Half-Million Dollars In Food To Feed The Hungry

grant writing Feb 01, 2021

Go along with me by watching this meeting with Michael Ryer, the President, and CEO of Amigos Internacionales Corporation and I'm excited to share with you this great news! Below is the transcription of our interview. Enjoy! 

Rodney Walker Hi, this is Rodney Walker with grant writing that gets funded. I'm so excited today to have Michael Rogner here, who is the President and CEO of Amigos Internacionales Corporation. Hi, Mike. Welcome. 

Michael Ryer Hi Rodney, how are you? 

Rodney Walker I'm doing great. Mike, I'm so excited to have you on this call today because you sent me an email recently about some great news. Tell us more about that great news. 

Michael Ryer Yes. 


The Grant Writing Course

Rodney Walker And then I want to find out a bit more about your organization. 

Michael Ryer  Well, Rodney, the reason why we are even we know each other is that I think one of your grant writing courses because I saw the need for a nonprofit that is 50 years old last year, and we were trying to reorganize and revamp and I wanted to get a grant and I'd never done that before. So I took your course and then just go right in and was very successful. We actually got our first grant. We applied for in the neighborhood of a hundred fifty thousand dollars, 147 men, actually. And with half a million dollars worth of food, we're going to be sending it to Guatemala from USAID. And we're pumped. We're excited. Now comes the hard part of distributing all that food over nine hundred those seven point nine million meals, 900,000 meals, a container, and there's eight containers. 

Rodney Walker Wow, that is incredible. Congratulations. That's really quite an accomplishment, especially for your the first time. I like hearing a great story right out of that. Wow. What was it like for you to start from ground zero because you didn't know anything about that, right? From my understanding, correct. 

Michael Ryer No, it didn't, and I just happen to be stupid enough to think that if it can be done, I can do it. And so I just jumped in both feet and either sink or swim and ended up getting to swim. But I knew the I, as I began to research, saw the parties involved and especially within the government side of it and began to email those guys and talk to everybody I could find and say, hey, you know what, I don't know what I'm doing here, but I really want to do some good and can you help me do that? And they were very responsive and giving me some guidance. But the ultimate test came when it basically was just me in the computer now heading to fill up grant stuff. They don't they don't help you that far. And so your course really gave me some groundwork that was allowed me to do that. 

Rodney Walker That's fantastic. So now your organization is able to feed a lot of people based upon the grant that you get. And my understanding is that you have been applying for another grant as well. 



Michael Ryer Yes, we're in the process of we're going to this grant was for South Central America, Guatemala, specific southern Belize to feed the hungry there. In two months I'm going to Uganda and we are looking for grants to help with the orphanages there, over 2.5 million children in Uganda or orphanage. And most of them are suffering from AIDS because of the war-torn efforts and starvation. And so I'm looking at and applying for several grants for that help also. 

Rodney Walker Wow. Mike, what would you say to somebody that's just starting out that doesn't know anything about Grant writing, about the possibilities of being able to secure grant funding if they possibly got this type of training? 

 Michael Ryer I think they have a great you give us a great framework of reference and a great understanding of what we need to do, it's still a lot of hard work. If you think that you're going to take the course and just write a page, a paragraph or two out, that's not the case. And you tell us that that's not the case, that it takes some hard work. But once you if you put the project forth, the practices that you give us and you're willing to do the legwork, also a very extreme easily possible. 


You Should Achieve The Objectives

Rodney Walker Very nice, and it sounds like you followed the instructions because you get the funding and not only did you do that, it sounds like from what you said a little earlier that you reached out to those that were giving out the money and had some really important conversations. 

Michael Ryer Yes, and that's one of the things that your course encouraged us, is to reach out and talk to those and find out if what you have is valid, your ideas, your concepts involved writing in concept paper and in before the grant. And that way it's not wasting their time or yours and it gets you your foot in the door. And if they've got money they want to give out, they are willing to speak to you if you've got a reason in the calls to help them accomplish their goals. And that's what you're basically doing. And we're helping the grant givers accomplish their goals of giving out the grants. And so it's a win-win situation, both cases. 

Rodney Walker Absolutely. Mike, Congratulations. I'm so proud of you. The next grant, I believe it was for three hundred thousand dollars that you're going after. 

Michael Ryer We're we're hoping for that. Yes. 

Rodney Walker We're wishing you the very best on that and keep us posted on your progress and we'll look forward to celebrating with you. Thanks for being a grant hero. 

Michael Ryer Thank you for the interview and for getting back with me. We're excited and it's a lot of work on the backside. But also to keep everything going. So I look forward to it and I'll let you know what's going on with us and keep us informed in Amigos Internacionales.

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