Thinking Like The Ones Giving Out The Money... So You Can GET The MONEY!

Each Encounter with a Funder Should bring you One STEP Closer to Getting Funded! Gain greater clarity from Prog...

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Get Ready To Crack The Code With This One By Discovering The Secrets Of Veteran Grant Professionals

Want To Know One Of The Best Ways To Learn Grant Writing That Gets Funded?  Learning from those who have been h...

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The Ugly Truth About Your Nice Little Grant Proposal That May Surprise You

One of the best ways to Get Funded is to learn directly from those who give out the money.  Get ready to gain va...

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What Consultants Don’t Tell You…You can write your own grant proposal, tell a more compelling story, SAVE and raise thousands of dollars, in as little as a few weeks.

Do you need to have a grant written for your nonprofit or government agency? Well, if so, I'm about to let you in on...

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Discover the Art of Building Financially Fruitful Relationships with Those Giving Out The Money!

Let's face, in life there are "the haves" and "the have not". Yes, those that have the knowledge and insight needed t...

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