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Watch This To Keep Your Organization From Getting A BLACK EYE in Your Grant Management And Reporting!

In life, there are some things you play with and some things you don’t. Grant management would be one thing that you do not want to play with because of its potential negative impact.

Did you know that hundreds of people go to jail every year and serve sentences for mishandling grant money through fraud, waste, and abuse?

In this highly informative Grant Management Seminar, you learn how to do grant management well and how to keep yourself out of jail.

  • You will discover what grant management is and when it starts and when it ends. A lot of people get this one wrong, and it comes back to haunt them.
  • You learn the essential things you will need to do BEFORE to protect yourself and your agency if the grant manager leaves their position.
  • This happens all the time and you do not want to be caught behind the eight ball like so many other organizations have found themselves.
  • You will discover what accountability means in grant management and what you must do to ensure your organization does this correctly.
  • Gain insight into those two types of paper trails every grant manager must create to protect themselves and their agency. If you get this wrong, you will be up the creek when the Feds are stirring you down and asking you where everything is.
  • You’ll hear real-life horror stories in the grant management world that will inspire you to set up the appropriate systems to keep your agency and yourself out of embarrassing moments that can tarnish your image forever and leave you with a permanent black eye!
  • You have got to get a firm grip on all of your funding reports… this grant management seminar keeps you on the right track.
  • Discover other alternatives and viable options your agency may consider if your grant management efforts are presently ineffective. This is important because grant writers are dumped on and given the added responsibility of grant management, which can be overwhelming.
  • You will hear how having good grant management and reporting paves the way for funders to trust you with more. Get this right… go to the front of the line. Get this wrong… get ready for fines, paybacks, jail time, and future funding termination.
Let’s face it, and this is something you want to get right the first time because too much depends on you and your agency to have poor grant management.

This 60 Minute seminar is something you will want to listen to with your entire team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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