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Is Your Nonprofit Board Underperforming? This Can Change If You Decide To Help It Change With Effective Nonprofit Board Training!

Introducing The Building Better Boards - The Ultimate Nonprofit Board Training Blueprint.

This comprehensive training will help you and your board members understand their duties, obligations, and general responsibilities. It includes a detailed Job Descriptions of Board Member and the entire Building The Board You’ve Always Wanted series (worth $597.00 retail value) that covers the fundamentals of board committees, various types of committees, and a solid board recruitment and orientation plan.

Stop the common nonprofit stress points with practical action steps. Watch your nonprofit soar and build the board you've always wanted with The Building Better Boards - The Ultimate Nonprofit Board Training Blueprint! Get access to this training today and see positive results in no time! Don't wait any longer. Start building better boards now.

+ Change your board, change the world! +

The Building Better Boards - The Ultimate Nonprofit Board Training Blueprint is ready to help you and your nonprofit succeed. Start today and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most!

You will receive numerous handouts and worksheets. Over 7 videos in the Building Better Board Series, plus an additional 6 videos in the Building The Board You’ve Always Wanted series, with 2 training CDs delivered as MP3 files. Plus, you'll have access to short videos you can show right before your board meeting as ongoing development for your board throughout the year.

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