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Thinking Like The Ones Giving Out The Money... So You Can GET The MONEY!

Each Encounter with a Funder Should bring you One STEP Closer to Getting Funded!

Gain greater clarity from Program Officer Leslie Ito of the California Community Foundation about what a funder does and how you can use this to your advantage. This exclusive interview is your chance to see how funders think and what they are looking at when considering whether or not to fund your agency.

You will discover...

  • The Top 5 Essential Things You Should Know About Every Funder BEFORE You Ask Them For A Single Penny!
  • Four Practical Ways To Distinguish Your Agency From The Rest Of The Pack
  • The Common Mistakes Funders See Again And Again and What You Can Do NOW To Avoid This
  • Learn The Best Ways To Approach A Funder To Avoid Offending Them And Making Your Agency Look Bad
  • Find Out The Right Way To Prepare Your Team For A Site Visit In Case The Funder Comes To Check You Out (yes, they do visit you sometimes, so please don't mess this up, or it'll cost you!)
  • Eavesdrop Into What Funders Talk To Each Other About Concerning YOU and Your Agency That Will Probably Surprise You And How To Keep From Embarrassing Your Agency
  • Discover 3 Tell-Tale Signs Funders Often See That Raise A RED FLAG And Are Signs You Are Pursuing The Dollars Over Your Mission! Too many groups make these careless mistakes... don't be one of them.

Get Leslie's top tidbit of advice that can significantly help your Grant Proposal to become STRONGER and more attractive to funders immediately.

You'll appreciate the honest and practical guidance shared in this insightful interview and will want to play often to be reminded of how funders think.

You will be able to download a copy of this to add to your grant proposal library so you can keep it forever! Plus, you won't have to write one word down because it also comes with a transcription of the interview.

Get ready to get funded... order now!

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