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Watch This To Keep Your Organization From Getting A BLACK EYE in Your Grant Management And Reporting!

In life, there are some things you play with and some things you don’t. Grant management would b...

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Is Your Nonprofit Board Underperforming? This Can Change If You Decide To Help It Change With Effective Nonprofit Board Training!

Introducing The Building Better Boards - The Ultimate Nonprofit Board Training Blueprint. This comprehensive traini...

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It's Time To Get Funded And It All Starts Here!

The customized report keeps you aware of the full range of funding opportunities available to your nonprofit organiza...

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Good Advice Is Priceless

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Rodney Walker. This time can be used to get answers to your personal or business m...

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What Most Corporate Sponsors Don't Tell You That Can Keep You From Wasting Time And Get More Corporate Dollars!

Everybody wants to get corporate dollars, but does it make sense for you and your agency to go after this money? In ...

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Watch This BEFORE You Even Think About Starting A Nonprofit Organization!

Are you getting excited about the idea of starting a nonprofit organization? Great! But, before you rush into do...

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So You Want to Start a Nonprofit Board… But Don’t Know Where to Begin

 No worries, you have come to the right place. Maybe you have questions like these: • How many people shou...

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Who Else Wants To Get A Job FAST?

Wouldn't It Be Nice If You Could Cut From The Back Of The Line To The Front Of The Line To Get Hired FAST?  YES...

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If Your School or District Is Serious About Getting More Grants Then You'll Want To See This Special K - 12 Education Grants Webinar Right Away!

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Isn't It Time You Develop A Winning Mindset To Get What You Want And Stop Settling For Less?

The prerequisite for business success starts in your mind with your thinking. The Mindset Matters is a 5 part se...

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There's Another School or District Waiting To Snatch Your Grant Money - And They're Too Smart To Write Grants The Old Way!

If Your School or District Is Doing Grant Writing, The Old Way It’s Costing You Money And You Don’t Even ...

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Take Your Business To The Next Level With A Day of Strategic Planning With Rodney Walker

Book a one-on-one or small group strategy session with Rodney Walker. This time can be used to get answers to your pe...

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