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What Most Corporate Sponsors Don't Tell You That Can Keep You From Wasting Time And Get More Corporate Dollars!

Everybody wants to get corporate dollars, but does it make sense for you and your agency to go after this money?

In some cases, the answer is a great big, “YES,” and in other cases, the answer is a resounding, “NO”!

Either way, you want to make sure you are not wasting your time because time is money.

In this powerful and concise interview, you will learn several of the essential questions you should be asking yourself to see whether or not this pursuit makes sense for you and your agency at this time.

You will discover the Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Pursuing Corporate Sponsorships and learn what you must do first to go after corporate dollars properly.

  • You will learn BIG assumptions that many organizations wrongly make about corporate sponsorships leading to a dead-end road.
  • Gain insights into the top questions corporate sponsors are thinking about when assessing your organizations as they see if corporate support with your agency makes sense.
  • Learn how long the corporate sponsorship process typically takes to acquire money and if this is the method, your agencies should be pursuing in your fundraising mix.

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Just Diving Into This Just Because You Need Money... Make Sure You Are Asking Yourself The Right Questions. This Will Help You Do That!

  • The insight you glean from this will help you critically think through the most efficient route to take as you get a big picture of all that corporate sponsorship entails.
  • Gain insight into the challenge most corporate sponsors face when deciding which nonprofit cause or organization to support and what you need to do to help your chances of being selected. Let me give you a hint... it is more significant than just having a cool mission statement!

Do you know how to meet the needs of a corporate sponsor or what their needs are?

  • This is quickly revealed in this interview to put you in the know
  • You discover some ways to package your organization and cause that will be more appealing to prospective sponsors to keep from wasting time.
  • Learn what a cause-marketing approach is and why some corporations are drawn to this when seeking opportunities to support.
  • All of this boils down to ONE thing you must get right IF you are going to secure corporate dollars... and that ONE thing is revealed in this downloadable MP3 audio file.
  • You will learn how corporate pitching is different from grant writing and gain valuable knowledge of the sales process mechanics. 

Hear real-life stories and help you think through what it will take to succeed in your pursuit and learn the timeframes you will want to give yourself on this quest. 

Discover the critical investment you will have to make and the type of game-planning you will need to gain maximum results.

This insightful interview will help you to understand how corporate sponsors think and will reveal their mindset. 

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