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Your Recipe for Getting Funded Just Got Easier With This Word-for-Word Phone Script

Your Recipe for Getting Funded Just Got Easier With This Word-for-Word Phone Script

Do you call the funder before applying for grants? Do you use a phone script, or do you just wing it like the masses? There are levels to this… for every action, there is a reaction. Are your actions helping you to get funded? Remember, top performers, do the things that the masses don’t do to achieve what the masses only dream about. This special resource has been one of the key secrets to the success of many of our students.

Here's how you'll benefit:

  • Move into the Top 5% of the grant professionals who know how to romance the funder the right way and take them through the 3 important stages of courtship which leads to getting funded
  • Gain access to a proven phone script for presenting your funding request in the best possible light that has already helped to raise millions of dollars 
  • Learn the fine art of romancing the funders into inviting you to apply for grants and determining the right amount of money to ask for with each grant without sounding like a beginner or putting your foot in your mouth
  • Use the Post Call Strategy we give you that less than 1% of your competitors will do, gives you a decisive competitive advantage 
  • Never again be at a loss for words at what to say to the funder when you talk with them and discover the secret to guiding the conversation in the direction you desire
  • See why those who skillfully romance funders win more money more often, and increase the likelihood of getting funded while others are being denied
  • Learn the 10 Goals of calling a funder and how to master them for success 
  • Gain insight into the top strategic ways to talk with funders that lead to invitations to apply for funding and more grants awarded to your cause
  • Discover how to quickly get on any funder's radar and develop a positive rapport with them that eventually turns into money for your agency

This is a must-have that can save you months of time and effort when you skillfully use our secret strategies and techniques to your advantage. 

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