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The "Get Funded Now" MEGA BUNDLE that's Sure to CHANGE the Way You Approach Grant Development Forever!

The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded training isn’t about giving you and your agency cute-sounding information… It’s About GETTING RESULTS!!

I'm so committed to this that I've thought of every possible way to help you win BIG and went to work to provide you with the best insights to do precisely that!

One of the ways that crossed my mind was creating a way for you to be like a “fly on the wall” to eavesdrop and discover the mindset of those giving out the money

All I can say is that it has helped me and my students raise millions! Just imagine what it is going to do for you and your agency when you access my resources. I have four exclusive one-on-one interviews that tap you into the mindset of funders.

The Ultimate Grant Writing The Gets Funded training and coaching program continues to over-deliver by helping you to understand the psychology of those giving out the money. Trust me, and it is most likely different than what you think.

The Grant Writing Insights features interviews with four funders who candidly open up about what it takes to get funded. You will get a chance to hear firsthand what they see as common mistakes and challenges that keep agencies from getting grants.

  • You will also hear what the elite agencies do to win the money that the others don't do!
  • This means you will be able to get a clear birds-eye view of the types of things you will want to avoid doing that block the money from coming your way.
  • It also means you will discover more of the things you want to do that attract money.

These gems and nuggets are priceless.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Topics Covered...

  • Discover why you Should Not try to pigeon hole every funder into the same box and how to work more effectively with Grant Makers of varying sizes from the Large Foundations, Corporate Foundations, and Family Foundations

  • Gain greater clarity and a better understanding of the Role of Program Officers to drastically improve your approach to securing money from them the right way

  • Find out the first things funders recommends you should do before asking them for a single penny!

  • Learn the top places to go to learn more about a foundation that will help you to ensure you are a good fit for what they want to fund

  • You will learn 6 Ways To Help Foundations Learn More about your Organization and understand why this is important to your grant request's success in their eyes.
  • Understand what mission alignment is and how to ONLY seek funding from those that are a good fit
  • Discover The Best Ways to effectively communicate with those giving out the Money and hear how the Program Officer can become your greatest Advocate and Ambassador to help you secure more funding
  • Hear how other successful grantees build rapport with funders to keep the money flowing their way and how you can do the same
  • Learn what you should and should not do when challenges arise in your project that has been funded and see how to stay in the good graces of funders when they do

Each funder shares little known secrets and helpful antidotes that I have passed along to my clients that have been the difference between getting funded and being sent to the back of the line empty-handed.

After each one-on-one interview, I provide you with a brief gold-mining session to come back and synthesize what has just been said and give you your next marching orders for gaining MAXIMUM grants!

If clear and concise directions are what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Consider me the Drill Sergeant that's helping you to drill for your next golden grant!


I will also provide you with four additional Grant Writing Insights from grant professionals who have successfully raised millions of dollars.

You will learn precisely what they do to ensure their success in winning maximum funds.

Just think about it… you will hear from a grant professional who has raised over $131 million in her career. Not to mention the others who also raised millions!

I want you to clearly see this Three-Prong Approach that I'm going to provide to help you and your agency become as successful as possible.

  1. I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to win grants.
  2. I'm going to let you hear from funders who give out the money!
  3. I'm going to bring to you grant professionals who have won waves and waves of grant money!

Thus, you’ll learn what to do and what not to do from these leading experts and me… I’m leaving nothing to chance as I prepare you to win and win BIG!

If You Are Serious About Winning MORE GRANTS, Get Ready To Gain Insider's Knowledge To Get A Competitive Advantage!

This is probably one of the most insightful series of videos you will watch as a grant writer, which will take you into funders' minds to learn how they tick and what makes them want to give to some people and why they often deny others.

Discover what mistakes you are making that you are unaware of and how to correct them quickly as you pursue grants with 4 Special Interviews with FUNDERS in this mega bundle!

You will benefit by hearing from...

  • Olga de la Cruz, former Program Officer at the California Endowment ($ 3 Billion Asset) 
  • Leslie Ito, former Program Officer at the California Community Foundation
  • Wendy Garen, President of the Ralph Parson Foundation
  • Latonya Slack, former Program Officer at the James Irvine Foundation

You will also gain 4 Power-Packed Videos with Grant Professionals loaded with practical knowledge and tips from those who have successfully won lots of grant money!  The insight you will get in just one of these concise interviews is worth the entire cost... BUT you will have access to ALL 8 and will be able to download them to enjoy again and again.

You will benefit by hearing from GRANT PROFESSIONALS...

  • Lori Call, Veteran Grant Writer for Educational Institutions

  • Naomi Takeuchi, Social Enterprise Expert & Consultant

  • Judith Bowman, Veteran Grant Writer for the Humanities & Arts 

  • Valerie Mann, Veteran Grant Consultant for Law Enforcement

Take your grant development efforts to the next level fast by hearing and seeing what these professionals have to say... Order now!

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