The "Get Funded Now" MEGA BUNDLE that's Sure to CHANGE the Way You Approach Grant Development Forever!

If You Are Serious About Winning MORE GRANTS, Get Ready To Gain Insider's Knowledge To Get A Competitive Advantage!

This is probably one of the most insightful series of videos you will watch as a grant writer which will take you into the minds of funders to learn how they tick and what makes them want to give to some people and why they often deny others.

Discover what mistakes you are making that you are unaware of and how to correct them quickly as you pursue grants with 4 Special Interviews with FUNDERS in this mega bundle!

You will benefit by hearing from FUNDERS...

  • Olga de la Cruz, former Program Officer at the California Endowment ($ 3 Billion Asset) 

  • Leslie Ito, former Program Officer at the California Community Foundation

  • Wendy Garen, President of the Ralph Parson Foundation

  • Latonya Slack, former Program Officer at the James Irvine Foundation

You will also gain 4 Power-Packed Videos with Grant Professionals loaded with practical knowledge and tips from those who have been very successful in winning lots of grant money!  The insight you will get in just one of these concise interviews is worth the entire cost... BUT you will have access to ALL 8 and will be able to download them to enjoy again and again.

You will benefit by hearing from GRANT PROFESSIONALS...

  • Lori Call, Veteran Grant Writer for Educational Institutions

  • Naomi Takeuchi, Social Enterprise Expert & Consultant

  • Judith Bowman, Veteran Grant Writer for the Humanities & Arts 

  • Vickie Mann, Veteran Grant Consultant for Law Enforcement

Take your grant development efforts to the next level fast by hearing and seeing what these professionals have to say... order now!


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