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These Must Be Some of the BEST Kept Grant Writing Secrets in the World... Straight From The Mouth of a Funder!

Do you want to know the BEST WAY to get MONEY from a funder?

Ask them. Yes, funders are the experts on what it truly takes to get their money... just like you're the expert on what it takes to get your money... right?

The Good News is that you don't have to go far to hear what funders are saying they want you to do to win grant money. You are just a few clicks away from that knowledge because we bring the funders to you.

In this interview, you will hear some of the Best Kept Grant Writing Secrets from Olga de la Cruz, a former Program Officer at the Alliance Healthcare Foundation and the California Endowment Foundation. You are getting ready to learn insight from someone who gave out money from an organization with over $3 Billion of Assets.

Here's What You Will Learn From This Exclusive Interview:

  • Discover why you Should Not try to pigeon hole every funder into the same box and how to work more effectively with Grant Makers of varying sizes from the Large Foundations, Corporate Foundations, and Family Foundations
  • Gain greater clarity and a better understanding of the Role of Program Officers to drastically improve your approach to securing money from them the right way
  • Find out the first things funders recommend you should do before asking them for a single penny!
  • Learn the top places to go to learn more about a foundation that will help you to ensure you are a good fit for what they want to fund

There is no need to try to and figure this out ALL on your own. This special interview will point you in the right direction about the best places to go for research to go into your proposal for a potential funder.

  • You will learn 6 Ways To Help Foundations Learn More about your Organization and understand why this is important to the success of your grant request in their eyes 
  • Understand what mission alignment is and how to ONLY seek funding from those that are a good fit
  • Discover The Best Ways to effectively communicate with those giving out the money and hear how the Program Officer can become your greatest Advocate and Ambassador to help you secure more funding
  • Hear how other successful grantees build rapport with funders to keep the money flowing their way and how you can do the same
  • As with everything in life... challenges happen! Learn what you should and should not do when challenges arise in your project that has been funded and see how to stay in the good graces of funders when they do

Plus, discover 3 Important Action Steps to do at the Beginning Stages of receiving funding and the Best Ways To Wrap Up The Ending Stages of your funding cycle. 

  • You'll learn the 2 Things Your Team should meet and discuss once you get funded so you can successfully fulfill your obligations to the funder
  • Find out what type of feedback you should get back from your funder to build trust and openness. 

Olga's advice and insight will help your Grant Development efforts go to the next level so that you give the funder more of what they are looking for, which enables you to get what you're looking for... Money! 

  • Discover the most important Do's and Don'ts In Approaching Funders to stay in the game and keep from getting a penalty flag
  • You'll enjoy learning 2 Important Tips To Improve Your Cover Letters and make them stand out from the rest

Did you know that funders talk to each other? Well, they do!

You'll discover 10 Questions Funders Ask Other Funders about YOU and YOUR AGENCY with other funders and how this can truly hurt your chances of getting funded if you get this wrong!

If you get this right, go to the front of the line... get this wrong, then go straight to the back of the line!

This type of access and insight will give you a competitive edge over the others who are scratching their heads, trying to guess what the funder wants. You'll appreciate the concise and direct guidance shared in this insightful interview and will want to play often to be reminded of how funders think.

You will be able to download a copy of the video to add to your grant proposal library so you can keep it forever! Plus, you will receive colorful hands highlighting the major bullet points for your convenience.

Get ready to get funded... order now!

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