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What Consultants Don’t Tell You…You can write your own grant proposal, tell a more compelling story, SAVE and raise thousands of dollars, in as little as a few weeks.

Do you need to have a grant written for your nonprofit or government agency?

Well, if so, I'm about to let you in on a little secret. You really don't need a professional grant writing consultant to do this. In fact, you... yes, YOU might do a better job of telling a more compelling story to the funder.

In this interview, you will hear Naomi Takeuchi, a Social Enterprise Expert and Strategist, as she shares savvy tips on preparing government proposals and applications.

She shares winning advice and tips on:

  • The Difference Between Foundation And Government Grants
  • Insider's Insight On Being A Peer Grant Reviewer
  • Tips On Making Your Grant Proposals Stand Out To Win
  • Discover Ways To Avoid Missing Important Grant Deadline
  • Learn Sound Strategies For Gaining A Competitive Edge
  • Practical Budgeting Advice And Do's And Don'ts For Securing Grants
  • And Much More!

You'll benefit greatly from this interview and gain a new perspective on working what you already have to get funded! 

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