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Pearls Of Wisdom From 20 + Year Veteran Grant Writer Who Reveals Her Secrets To Winning The MONEY!

You'll Be Amazed At Just How Much Insight Can Be Gleaned From An Exclusive Interview With The Pros... But After You Hear This You'll Be Ready To Approach Funders With Greater Confidence The Right Way!

When you've been writing grants for over 20 years, you have some stories to tell and insight to share.

In this special interview with Judith Bowman, you will discover a veteran's approach to developed winning proposals and learn several pitfalls you'll want to avoid!

Here's what you will learn...

  • Benefit and gain first-hand advice to discover if grant writing is right is for you
  • Learn what distinguishes an Average Grant Proposal vs. A Great Grant Proposal
  • Find out what this seasoned grant professional shares as her Top Tips for Writing a Grant Proposal that captures the head and heart of the funders and comes off the pages with energy
  • Discover how to tell your story better in a grant application without coming off as being too chatty and loaded with small talk
  • Gain insight on how this grant professional develops compelling projects worthy of being funded
  • See how using too many stats, facts, and numbers can potentially cripple the success of your grant proposal if it isn't done right
  • Learn 3 Powerful Game-Changing Tips on how you can increase your chances of getting funded
  • Discover one crucial thing that every grant writer typically runs out of when pursuing grants and what to do right now to deal with this

You will be able to download a copy of this to add to your Grant Proposal Library so you can keep it forever! Plus, you won't have to write one word down because it also comes with a transcription of the interview.

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