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✨Four Magical Words That Might Change Your Life

grant writing Dec 10, 2016

She had no idea how she was going to start and grow her business and was mentally afraid to take the first step until... until... until she heard "four magical words" that helped to unlock her true potential… but more on this later.

On Monday, I visited one of my favorite places in California… the Huntington Library and Gardens.

I love going there because it is so beautiful and peaceful. This time I spoke with a tour guide name Bill to learn a little more about the Chinese Garden.

Bill, a peppered haired, wise man in his late 60s began to explain to me the difference between the Japanese and Chinese Garden. I must admit, both are quite serene and lovely.

He said that the Japanese Garden was designed to be “looked at” and “admired”…almost like viewing a beautiful painting.

However, the Chinese Garden was designed for “YOU to be in the picture… YOU are a part of the design!”

Wow! This really struck me when he said it and reminded me about life. Sometimes it is much easier to just sit back and watch someone else create something lovely instead of being in the picture yourself… right?

Her name is Lisa Lucio.

She’s the one I told you about earlier that was afraid to take the first step to start her grant writing business after wanting to do so for many years. Well, last November Lisa decided to stop simply viewing the picture and made the mental leap into envisioning herself in the picture. She decided to attend my boot camp after hearing four magical words I shared with her (I promise, I’ll share it with you in just a few).

Ok, I’ve got to be honest with you.

When Lisa came into this 5-day event, on the first day she was quite negative with “Stinking – Thinking!”

But, somewhere through the course of the training (around day three) I or more accurately we (the other attendees) noticed a “mental shift” had taken place inside of her. The “Negativity” was being replaced with “Positivity”.

 Lisa was experiencing a breakthrough that would be much larger than simply starting and growing a business…she was changing her perspective about herself and life!! I’m happy to announce that last week Lisa secured her first paying client and signed her first agreement worth $4,000.00.

I am so proud of her. Not for just getting her first client… but for having the courage to take a mental leap to do something she earlier couldn’t envision herself doing.


So what were those four magical words I shared with Lisa? Do you want to know?

It was quite simple… I told Lisa, “YOU CAN DO THIS!”

She believed me.


The magic isn’t just in the words, but also in YOU mixing the words with your belief about yourself and getting out of negative thinking. I’d love to help you in this process to move forward like Lisa.


Don’t wait for change, make the change!


Rodney Walker is today’s leading expert in Grant Development Systems™ and President of Grant Central USA - Grant Writers Association. 

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