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Deadline To Apply For Grant Writing Apprenticeship Is TODAY... Don't Let Your Future Slip Away!

Today is the deadline ⏱ to apply for the March Cohort of the Grant Writing Apprenticeship program. 
There have been some fantastic things happening with many of our alumni. Have you heard the remarkable story of Kayla Bey and others like, Camille Ricks
Just in case you haven't, feel free to click the link to hear 🎧 and 👁 see how Camille recently learned this skill and took her knowledge to the marketplace, and had over 65 people register for her training
Be sure to hear the story that Kayla mentioned about how she went from having a 😒 lack of employment to being gainfully 🥰 employed because she had a Grant Writing Certification. Now she is writing for grants at home with an estimated value of over 💰 $100 million in the last ten months.
Timothy Butler lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic but overcame this challenge and went on to earn over $15,000.00 in two months with his grant writing business. 👀 He had never earned this kind of money before. But because he believed in himself, got the knowledge, and put in the hard work, he became his own miracle.
You've got to hear these stories for yourself...
I cannot 🙅🏽‍♂️ make these things up! 
I could go on and on to tell you about Keandrea and Janice, who are doing an outstanding job of grant writing in our current cohort. Or how Debra Wright got the confidence to push forward to launch her business, Ascribing Consulting. 
But time and space will not allow me to here.
There have been others who have been taking my strategies that I've been teaching and using them to help their organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars 💵. 
If you're serious about writing grants 📝 and getting real, tangible, concrete results, I want to encourage you to check out the RESULTS that we've been able to help our students achieve. 
👉🏽 Go visit WowTheyDidIt.com and see and hear for yourself.
If you're serious about really becoming a grant writer and bringing in money to your organization or starting a grant writing business, I encourage you to notify me today. Let me know that you are seriously interested in being in this next cohort because, after this, the next session will not be offered until May or June 2021. 
Remember, be brave, be brilliant and take charge.
P.S. Reply to this email now and say, "I'm seriously interested." I will forward you a link to schedule an appointment and interview to see if this is a good fit for you. Please note that an interview does not mean you will be accepted into the program. We have high standards, and I'm very picky about who I invest significant time and energy into as an apprentice. But if you are one of the fortunate few, your future will look bright because I will help you get to your promise land 🌞 if you put in the work.
P.S.S. I help people get REAL verifiable RESULTS. Click the links above and feel free to reach out to ANY of my students. Ask them for yourself about me and our programs. 


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