Grant Writing For Beginners: Hacks To Writing A Grant Proposal Like A Rock Star

Here's a vlog I did today in the Grant Writing for Beginners series. The entire transcription is on this page with some additional resources to help you. Remember, we hall have to start somewhere, so just dive in and try the hacks I share in this and other post.

Hey guys, Rodney Walker here with Grant Central USA. Are you a grant writing beginner?  

Yes, a newbie just starting out clueless, not sure what to do. Well, I got some good news for you. I want to help you by sharing with you a growth hack. 

Hacks To Help You Become A Grant Writer

A growth hack to help you to write a grant like a grant writing rock star and get funded. I want to show you some things that you can do right now to start getting some strategies that will help you to win funding things that you can adapt and bring in to your own methodology of writing effective grant proposal. 

Today, I'm going to share with you hack number one and in some other videos, I'll share with you some additional hacks that you may want to consider doing to bring in the funds. That being said, I always like to share with you that these systems that I'm sharing with you are systems that actually work. In fact, here are some people that have gone through our trainings and they started out just like you. Ground zero knowledge and they knew nothing but took the information and use our samples and use our systems to help go about getting funded. And I want to share with you the first hack. In fact, this hack is the same hack that I shared with some others and helped them to go about getting funded. The first hack that I want to encourage you to consider adopting is hack number one, which is to go and get some sample grant proposals. 

Now, there are a number of ways that you can go about getting some sample grant proposals. One way that you can do is simply go to Google. And when you go to Google, type in sample grant proposal. Okay? When you type in sample grant proposal, a number of sample grant proposals will show up. Now, this is good because it keeps you from having to start at ground zero. You at least have something to model your proposal at. So that's one way. 

The only challenge that you may face in doing this is you may not be able to distinguish a good one from one that is not so good. That's the only challenge. But it's better than having nothing. So I would encourage you to get a sample grant proposal. And in addition to getting a sample grant proposal, look at it, study it, see what elements you may be able to incorporate into your proposal based upon what you're seeing. 

So now you're not starting from ground zero. Another real quick hack is to add something very specific to what you're doing. So if you are part of a food bank, do one for food bank. Or if you're part of some other agency, see if you can locate one in that other area. Okay, now another thing that you can do if you want to have more certainty is consider going with one of the resources that we have and I'll share with you how you can look this resource. If you go over to our store at the get funded store has a treasure chest for you. And one of those churches is the sample grant proposal that we include inside of our grant writing certification resource manual. Now, this resource manual has articles and a sample grant proposals

It has templates. It has different forms that you can use to help put you ahead of the game. And one of the things that we encourage you to do is come and take a look at it. You can purchase this as a solo purchase for just ninety nine dollars. And when you get it, you can also make copies for your entire team and it's delivered to you instantly. So you can literally go in and download this information. Let me show you exactly what that looks like inside of the library. What will happen is you will have a library just like this and you'll be able to go in. And once you're inside, you will be able to go straight to your manual and it'll be just like this. You'll be able to access it. Will show you how to assimilate. And once you go inside, you will be able to go straight to some of the sample grant proposals that I made mention of. And you'll be able to download. For instance, here's one I'm going to download and I'm going to open this up. And as you see, here's some information that will allow you to go right to that sample grant proposal. 

Now, this is one way that you can go in and look at a sample grant proposal and see what a good proposal is supposed to look like. In addition to that, I'm going to go back I want to go through all of this for the sake of time. 

But in addition, what I want to encourage you to do is next, go back and then look inside of our store. Inside of the store, there's some additional information that I believe will be very helpful for you. You can also go about this by becoming possibly a member of GFIC. Now inside a GFIC, there is an 800 dollar gift that we give call the incredible gift. There's a video you can look at to learn more about it. When you become a member of any one of our three membership plans on a monthly basis, you gain access to it. We have the gold plan, the platinum and the platinum. Plus, there's a video that explains a lot more about this. But one thing that you may want to do is consider becoming a member. And once you become a member, there are a ton of other resources that you're also able to gain that will help you in your effort to going from being a grant writing beginner to being somebody that's advance.

Do It Like A Rock Star

Remember, these resources are here to help you to learn quickly. So you're not guessing. The last thing that you want to do in your writing efforts is to be guessing. Guessers tend to lose. Let me tell you this. When I first started out as a grant writing beginner, just like you, I wrote my very first grant proposal and I just dove into the process. Guessing didn't have a good sample to look at, didn't have the resources that you have really available at your fingertips. And so what happened? I wrote my first grant proposal, fell flat on my face, did not do it like a rock star. That's why I'm encouraging you to do it like a rock star. Get a sample proposal, look at it, learn from it, grow from it, and then go and get funded. So if you'll take this one hack, I'll share with you some additional hacks in the next video to help you to go about winning grant proposals that actually get funded. 

Thanks for watching. And remember, if you found this information helpful, hit that like button and remember to subscribe. Be brave, be bold, be brilliant. Take charge.


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