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Does Your Agency Have A Grant Development Calendar?

grant writing Jan 30, 2018

I'm amazed at how many organizations are doing grant development by the seat of their pants without any sense of structure. They go after grants in a help-hazardous manner without a grant development calendar and without a sense of which grants they will be applying to that month or the months to come.

Most grant writers underestimate the power of being strategic and highly organized in their grant-seeking efforts, especially those that are new to the field.

However, more seasoned grant writers use being organized to their advantage. There are a number of reasons for this.

1. Being organized saves you tremendous time.

2. It helps you to become more strategic in your efforts which increases your success.

3. It helps you to become more efficient in pursuing the right grants at the right time.

These are just a few reasons why I would strongly recommend you develop a grant development calendar today.

However, those who choose not to will find themselves lagging behind and scratching their heads as to why they aren't getting the maximum amount of grants possible with their grant writing.

These clueless organizations are oftentimes just applying to grants as they come along. This isn't wise my friend. Many grants reoccur every year which allows you to plan for them.

At the very least you can become a little more strategic and do advance work on your proposals to get ahead of the game.


Check out the short video above and discover how Jeremiah works smarter vs. harder by planning out which grants he and his agency will be applying for in the future.

I recommend that you and your grant development team come together and chart this out because it will provide greater clarity, focus, and direction for all of your grant efforts.

This takes a bit of time and planning to think through, however, it is well worth it! We're glad to offer grant writing services to you!

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