Tale of Two Would-Be Grant Writers

About three years ago, around late winter I received a call from Laura Stevens*. She was interested in learning how to write grants so that she could transition into a new career as a grant writer because she had outgrown her current job.

However, she was having a hard time finding anyone who would take her underneath their wings to teach her.

Around the same time, I received an email from Melissa Anderson* who also wanted to become a professional grant writer and start her very own business.

She eagerly asked me several questions about what it took to be successful in grant writing and how I got started. I shared my experience and she sounded like she was going to step out and do it.

I recently had an opportunity to connect with Laura and was excited to learn that she had left her old job and was doing extremely well in her new role as a grant writer for a small nonprofit in the Midwest.

Melissa, on the other hand, was working for the same employer and was quite frustrated that she had not received a pay raise in the past two years while being overlooked for a promotion she was expecting.

What The Difference Between These Two Ladies?

They were both smart, well educated and came from good families. However, one was now living her dream while the other one grew bitter because her dream had died.

Yes, a slow death.

We both know the main difference between these two is that one ACQUIRED the KNOWLEDGE she needed and ACTED upon that knowledge… while the other never got the knowledge and never took action.

That is why I’m writing this post today, to ask you about your dream.

Is it a seed you are watering that is growing or is it a seed that’s slowly dying from neglect?

I’ve built Grant Central USA from the ground up to help people to get funded and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

I’m happy to say that we’ve helped a lot of people do this.

But, I want to help you too.

If you aren’t experiencing the type of success you’d like to have as a grant writer or as a grant writing business owner, I have a few things I’d like to share with you.

First, we have two incredible programs designed especially for those who are feeling stuck and have yet to take action on their dreams of becoming a grant writer.

We have a 4-week Get Funded Now Coaching Program and 8-week Business Apprenticeship Program that is now accepting application!

This is ideal if you desire to learn grant writing, get real-life experience and gain credibility by learning from the best.

Applications are due by January 2, 2020… both programs start on Jan 6, 2020, and have only five seats available for each program.

To be considered, you will need to...

1. Book A Call to speak with one of our Grant Coaches who will interview to see if this program is a good fit for you and us. Book Call Here!

2. You will need to complete a Pre-Coaching Call Application immediately after you have scheduled your call time

Until then, remember YOU have a story.

What story are you writing with your life? I hope it is one where you are chasing your dreams and make things happen!


*The names in the story were changed to conceal the true identity of the individuals mentioned.  

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