How to Become a Certified, Effective Grant Writer

Grant writers are crucial to non-profit organizations. Financial institutions, government agencies, and charitable foundations don’t award grants based on need alone. Your grant writers must speak the language of these organizations and communicate why your non-profit deserves funding.

In a way, your grant writers’ writing ability and convincing power determines whether or not you can secure funding. As such, investing in their skills development is a wise business move for your organization. By helping your grant writers improve, you also increase your chances of securing funding for the causes you pursue.

At Grant Central USA, we offer apprenticeship, coaching, and certification programs to help non-profits upskill their grant writers. Our grant writing training services help you boost your success rate and get the funding you need.

Grant Writing Apprenticeship

Our Get Funded Inner Circle (GFIC) members can be invited to our apprenticeship and coaching programs. We have three coaching programs:

  • VIP (8 Weeks)

This program is perfect for those planning to launch a grant business. On top of grant writing skills, the training also includes specialized business and marketing coaching.

The lessons are held twice a week, with a weekly assessment and instructional and Q&A coaching. Those who complete the program are recognized as affiliate members of Grant Central USA.

  • Trailblazers (6 Weeks)

Trailblazers are suited for those who want to become professional grant writers. The curriculum covers the basics of grant writing, what kind of grant writing style gets funded, and how to earn money through grant writing.

The lessons are twice a week, with a weekly coaching and assessment session. Attendees become certified grant writers upon completing the course.

  • Rising Star (4 Weeks)

The Rising Star Program is ideal for people who want to learn basic grant writing to create a proposal. The curriculum has similar coverage as the Trailblazers program, awarding the attendee with a grant writing certificate after finishing the curriculum. But the lessons aren’t as extensive as Trailblazers since Rising Star only has four weeks.

GCIF members interested in joining any of our apprenticeship programs can talk to one of our online grant writing coaches for inquiries.

Grant Writing Certification

Grant Central USA also offers a grant writing certification program for anyone interested. Although you don’t need to be part of GCIF to participate, members can enjoy a special standard tuition discount.

The training is online, guided by educational video and audio materials. It’s self-paced as well, so participants can complete the program at a comfortable speed.

The grant writing certificate is awarded upon completion.

Grant Writing Services

Grant Central USA also provides professional grant writing services for non-profits and other institutions that need assistance with their proposals. Our grant writing services are ideal for organizations that lack the skill, time, or human resources necessary to craft compelling proposals.

With over 50 years of combined grant writing experience, trust Grant Central to get you the funding you need to pursue your cause.

Secure the future of your organization with proposals that win your grants. Contact us today for inquiries about our services and training programs.


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