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✨Four Magical Words That Might Change Your Life

She had no idea how she was going to start and grow her business and was mentally afraid to take the first step until... until... until she heard "four magical words" that helped to unlock her true potential… but more on this later.

On Monday, I visited one of my favorite places in California… the Huntington Library and Gardens.

I love going there because it is so beautiful and peaceful. This time I spoke with a tour guide name Bill to learn a little more about the Chinese Garden.

Bill, a peppered haired, wise man in his late 60s began to explain to me the difference between the Japanese and Chinese Garden. I must admit, both are quite serene and lovely.

He said that the Japanese Garden was designed to be “looked at” and “admired”…almost like viewing a beautiful painting.

However, the Chinese Garden was designed for “YOU to be in the picture… YOU are a part of the design!”

Wow! This really struck me when...

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