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Grant Writing For Artists ... Is It Even Worth It or Not?

Grant writing for artists is similar yet different from other aspects of applying for grant funding. In this video, I share some information about being an artist and writing grants from this perspective. This lays the groundwork for how to pursue it.

Hey, my friend Rodney Walker here and just doing a little biking and I decided to take a break and talk to you about this whole thing about Grant writing for artists. Now, I know you may be an artist right now, and I don't know what kind of artist you are, even as you kind of hear in the background. I have somebody playing, and in my mind, that person is an artist as well. 

But in this particular video, I'm going to be sharing with you some information about being an artist and writing grants as an artist. The first thing I want to kind of address in our time is "Is it worth it? Should you be going at the grants and doing grant writing for...

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