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Grant Writers Associations Soars Pass 15,000 Members... Join Us Today!

Hey, guys, Rodney Walker of Grant Central USA. I want to take a moment to acknowledge this special day, January 26, 2021.

This is the day that our group, the Grant Writers Association, has officially crossed over the 15,000 member mark. Yes, 15,000 plus members now are part of the Grant Writers Association, and we have people standing in line waiting to get in. 

Thank you for making that possible. 

If you haven't had an opportunity to hear the story yet, feel free to go over to GetFundedwithRodney.com. This will take you to the channel, and you will get an opportunity to hear and learn more about the story of how all of this came about. 

I believe that you'll find it very inspirational. Here's the actual session that's about 10 minutes long that will tell you exactly how this came about. When they treat you like dirt, my recommendation is that you grow. 

And while you're at it, I think you may enjoy listening to the whole set. Remember, you are welcome to join...

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Are Grant Writing Certifications Worth Your Time?

Okay, I know what I'm about to say may be highly controversial… so BRACE yourself! I want to share with you what I really think about most Grant Writing Certifications.

Truthfully, I think most of them are a waste.

You heard me right… I said, “A WASTE!”

Now, I know what I just said is not going to get me nominated for any grant writing awards now or in the near future.

But, those aren’t important to me… besides, most of those are bias and are NOT given to those that are most deserving, rather those that are most self-serving for the organizations handing out the awards.

I often chuckle when I see awards being passed out to corporate sponsors... I guess the saying is true that you have to pay to play.

So Why Do I Think That Most Grant Writing Certifications Are A Waste?

Well, the are a number of reasons. But, I’ll spare you of my full list because the partial list suffices.

However, before I tell you why I think most of today's grant...

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Grant Writing Business Portfolio... and Why Every Grant Writer Needs One!

If the saying is true, "Seeing is believing," then it pays to have a grant writing portfolio.

Just think about it for a moment...

  • Photographers have their photos
  • Painters have their painting displayed in galleries
  • Musicians have their music on CD's and MP3 files for us to hear

But, where do Grant Writers have their grant proposals?

Hidden away in some electronic files on their computer

No way! Please say this isn't so. If you are a grant professional you are well aware that grant writers can become very protective of the grant proposals they have developed.

However, there is no need to hide them from potential clients. Right?

There are a few reasons why you should have a portfolio:

  1. Nearly every potential client will want to see a sample of your work before contracting your services. This is your time to shine.
  2. Many job openings for grant writers will request two or three samples of your writings before they are willing to even have a conversation with you. You will...
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