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Learn how to write a compelling grant proposal that will capture potential funders’ attention from the very first word through Rodney Walker’s grant writer training.

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Grant Central USA is a professional grant writing company founded by Rodney Walker in 2006. Since then, the company and its grant writing workshops have produced thousands of clients who have written and got approved for high-value grant proposals. Whether you’re a non-profit or you work for a government agency, our proven, highly effective training course will equip you with the skills to secure funding for your projects and initiatives.

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Winning Strategies Used To Raised Millions

Grant Development Systems

Gain insight in the best practices and systems that help you win

Coaching & Training

Grow in knowledge and confidence to achieve your funding goals

Funding Resources

Benefit from a vast and valuable library of articles, videos, and audio resources

Proven Grant Development Systems
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Grant Writing Coaching

Don’t waste your resources hiring professional grant writers every time you need funding from funders. Be the professional grant writer yourself! With our grant writer coaching program, you’ll be writing and getting approved of small and large grants in no time.

Grant Writing Service

Our grant writing training services aren’t designed just for you to learn how to write irresistible grant proposals for your projects and organizations. After your training, you can pursue a grant writing career with other organizations and create a business out of your skill.

Grant Money Magnet Program

Win more grants for your chosen projects and causes with our niche Grant Development Campaign training program. Here you will learn how to craft grants in a way that will appeal to the specific interests and policies of potential funders.

Licensing Program

Want to impart your grant-winning knowledge? Grant Central USA now awards certified training licenses to groups and individuals who want to train other people in effective ways to write grant proposals.

Get Funded Inner Circle™️

The special community of like-minded people empowered with winning strategies and proven systems to secure grant funding the smart way

Become an insider and open up a new world of support and insight

Partner with a veteran grant professional who leads you every step of the way

Access the right information to gain a remarkable competitive advantage

Why Choose Grant Central USA?

Grant Central USA has been in operation for more than a decade. We have further developed our craft and our coaching methods from the time we launched in 2006. Thus, we can provide highly specialized training programs for our members.

With our extensive range of grant writing coaching services, such as Grant Writing That Gets Funded and Get Funded Inner Circle, combined with our strategic training techniques, everyone who enrolls in our training programs can come out with the skills they need to create persuasive grant proposals.

The best part about Grant Central USA is you’re not only learning how to write grant proposals for your projects or organization. Once you’ve finished our courses, you’ll be a highly effective grant writer who could even offer your services to other people! Talk about versatility! Don’t squander this opportunity to get funded in more ways than one.

"Rodney is a grant genius! His courses are well thought out and clear, making the process of learning grant writing easier and he maintains open communication...encouraging past students to reach out in an effort to create a supportive network of grant professionals."

Elena Esparza
Procurement/Contract Administrator

"Rodney, thanks again for the grants class a few months ago... Since taking your class, I have landed nearly $4 Million in state and federal grants for the City of Redlands."

Kjeld Linstead
Product Manager

"I highly recommend Rodney’s classes to learn grant writing! They were very informative and helped simplify the process of writing a proposal. The content of his online library is absolutely priceless. From his insight on communicating with funders to his knowledge about how to format the proposal, it was all essential information."

Brooke Woods
Grant Specialist at A New Leaf

"If Rodney doesn't inspire you, you may have expired! Truly, he makes me work smarter and harder for my nonprofit grant clients, and his daily messages are exactly what me and my staff need. Rodney is an actualized professional who oozes passion and integrity. I recommend him to you for grants coaching without reservation. He knows what he's talking about because he's been where you are...and lived to survive it!"

Laurence A. Pagnoni
Philanthropy Expert & Author

"Rodney is energetic, seasoned and comprehensive in his approach to grant seeking. He understands that it is not simply a matter of writing a proposal, but advocates for strong research and relationship building as a complement to ensuring the best possible fit and chances for success. I have attended a few workshops on grant seeking, and none hold a candle to the combination of business and practical approaches to this industry. He is engaging and unusually informative in leading these workshops, and his background in business and marketing a huge pluses. I highly recommend Rodney as a consultant and presenter."

Lori Call
Development Consultant

"Through coaching and specialized classes and instruction offered by Rodney Walker we have had a 70% hit rate in grant application approvals. He has helped us tremendously navigate the complex waters of the non-profit grant application process. With our success rate since employing Rodney this relationship has proven to be very effective, with huge returns on our investment."

Wendell Hall
Finance Processes and Systems at Strada Education Network

"Coach Rodney helped me find the confidence to get an appointment with the CEO of a MAJOR Foundation here in Dallas - Thanks Coach! "

Laura Barnes
Director of Development for the Winston School

"Just wanted you to know, I followed your script--"I've looked at your website and 990, is there anything else I should look at to determine if we are a good fit?" They replied, on cue, "Tell me about your project." I did, and now we have been invited to apply for a grant! This is a foundation that does 90% of its funding in NYC, so I'm really pleased even to be invited. It tells me I'm going in the right direction with my work. Thank you so much for your help. Probably not a day has gone by that I didn't use something from your workshop."

Evelyn Barker
Director of Grants and Special Project at University of Texas

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