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The Ultimate Grant Writing Business Boot Camp... Now Available Online!

Are You Up For The Challenge Of Growing A Grant Business?

Sometimes the questions seem to just come faster than the answers.

Questions like: 

  • How do you make the transition from part-time to full-time?
  • How do you lay a good foundation when starting a grant writing business?
  • How do you effectively market your grant writing business?
  • How do you find good-paying clients you don't have to hunt down to get paid?
  • How do you charge what you are worth and work smarter vs. harder?
  • How do you "bill" without getting "killed" in the process?
  • How do you grow and, more importantly, manage the growth of your business?
  • How do you create a simple yet effective website to promote your services?
  • How do you keep from looking and sounding like a rookie... even when you are?
  • How do you expand the products and services you offer to maximize your profits?
  • How do you successfully work with other freelance grant writers to shoulder your load?
  • How do you create systems for potential clients to find you vs. always trying to find them? 

If you are wondering about any of these questions, then keep reading!!!

The Grant Business Boot Camp™ to help address the questions above with concrete and comprehensive solutions for the challenges you face.

What will the Boot Camp do for you?


You'll Learn Key Concepts for How To Start & Grow a Successful Grant Writing Business (Here are just some of them):

  • A knowledge of the different types of business structures and which one is right for you,
  • Insight to develop a great Grant Writing Portfolio,
  • 7 deadly sins to avoid that less than 1% of grant writing business owners know about,
  • The best practices for growing a grant business from real-life case studies,
  • Secrets from a veteran grant business coach that would take you years to discover alone, 
  • Internet & SEO tips to help you get a competitive advantage on your market!
  • Tried and tested marketing strategies to grow your business when you leave!

Grant Business Boot Camp Training Includes... 

  • My business and grant writing background and why it makes sense for me to be hosting this event
  • How I got started in the grant writing business and the mistakes YOU won't make that I did
  • My different grant writing business niches and why I suggest you consider a similar course of action
  • Why sell grant writing services and how to expand your products and services to become more profitable
  • How to get paid what you are worth for each grant proposal and STOP UNDERCHARGING
  • Websites for grant writing - how to create simple and useful sites to sell your products and services. You'll learn how to start with a grant writing site already live with a video to promote your products and services
  • Becoming a grant expert on a topic - how to do it and getting speaking gigs from it
  • How to select a market niche that will have the greatest chance of producing a profit
  • Copywriting - how to create good copy. Getting high converting websites is NOT rocket science 
  • Things to do that will help your grant writing business grow FASTER
  • How you can gain a higher percentage of your market as a grant writer - almost guaranteed
  • The Funnel System and how you should use it in your business to gain more customers and get higher-paying customers
  • Marketing and Selling Your Grant Writing Products and Services - how and what you need to do this the right way
  • And too much more to list here. This is less than HALF of what we'll cover.

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