Grant Writing Expert Shows You How To Make Money Faster In Spite Of Sluggish Economy - All In This Webinar!

Some things in life should NOT be optional and this is one of those things especially if you want to Grow a Successful Grant Writing Business!

In this webinar, you will learn from one of the best in the industry as Phil Johncock reveals straightforward, concise and insightful advice to help you 10 X your grant writing business in less time and help you AVOID Mistakes that typically strangle most businesses from growing.

You will discover...

  • What it means and EXACTLY what it takes to develop a profitable Grant Writing Business in today's economy
  • Learn why many businesses don't operate like a business and what you need to do right now to ensure your does
  • Discover why a good grant writer does not mean you will be a good business person and what you can do today to start becoming a good business person
  • Gain insight into which things you should definitely delegate and the one thing you should NEVER delegate...(this one will save you a lot of sleepless nights and headaches if you follow this advice)

You will even receive a timeline revealing what should be happening within your business in the first 30 days, 90 days, 1 year and 3rd year of your business. This will help to ensure you are on track and help you to get on track if you're not.

  • See why if don't brand yourself how someone else will brand you and why this is often a BIG MISTAKE
  • Discover who is "already" branding you whether you like it or not and why it is imperative that you bring this back into your control
  • Learn the one thing you must become comfortable with that most grant writers are not comfortable with that is blocking them from growth!
  • Find out where grant writers need to go to help get discovered by potential clients
  • Benefit by learning a special insider's tip that will help you secure more grants and prepare better grants as a business owner

Discover the Top 3 Keys for Creating A Profitable Grant Writing Business the smart instead of wasting countless years doing things wrong.

  • Hear two very important tidbits of advice that could help you to completely change the course of direction for your business for the better
  • Find out the major difference in why some businesses thrive and others don't...and what you can do to thrive!
  • SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING WRONG...learn the 5 Major Roadblocks that could be keeping you from being as profitable as you could
  • And much, much, more!!

You will be able to download a copy of this to add to your grant proposal library so you can keep it forever! Plus, you will receive colorful handouts highlighting the major points in this webinar.

This type of insight could easily cost you over $500.00 an hour if you were meeting with a business coach... however you will be able to get this sound business advice now in this limited-time special offer for a fraction of that amount... Order Now!

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