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21 Grant Business Marketing Secret Power Tools that will Build Your Business, Free Up Your Time and Put More Money in Your Pocket... NOW!

Buckle your seat belt and get ready to receive a power-packed session with Rodney Walker and Phil Johncock as they take you through a grant writer's marketing goldmine of practical insight to give your business a face-lift to boost your revenues in this special webinar! 

Why Is This Important? Well, think about it. Knowing how to effectively and correctly is probably the single most important thing you can do to grow your business, which will earn you more profits and allow you to become more selective of who you take on as clients.

  • Are you tired of having to deal with low, slow, or no paying clients?
  • Are you on the over-worked and underpaid grant writer's treadmill without knowing how to get off?
  • Are profits less than you would like them to be, and is your time being robbed from you because you are undercharging?

Seat down because this might surprise you. The vast majority of grant writing business owners have NEVER taken informal or formal marketing training in their lives.

It doesn't take a genius to see that this is a recipe for disaster for any business seriously wanting to grow and increase its bottom line.

This special interview helps you cross the tracks of the uninformed and puts you in the know as Rodney Walker and Phil Johncock share valuable knowledge from their years of experience in the grant writing industry.

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