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Are You And Your Organization Grant Ready?

Everyone wants to receive grants. However, most organizations are NOT ready to receive one!

Many don't know the 7 Essential Things they must do BEFORE they can receive grant money! 

This training will walk you through the essential things your agency needs to do to ensure you are ready to go after and receive as many grants as you can qualify for in less time!

You'll learn...

  • What the ENTIRE grant process looks like with a concise overview in just a few minutes
  • Discover the 7 Essential Things you need to do right now to be prepared to apply for grants
  • Increase your knowledge on the small things that can disqualify you from applying and learn what you need to do NOW to FIX it 
  • Gain greater confidence with each step as you start learning more about how grants work and the things you can do to become grant ready

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