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What Everybody Ought To Know About Growing A Grant Writing Business!

Just like there are certain things you should know before you drive a car... well, there are certain things you should know before you attempt to develop a successful grant writing business. But where do you go to get this information?

Your local colleges and universities aren’t going to teach you how to grow a grant writing business specifically. Most are only offering a half-way decent grant writing class, which is sometimes led by a novice. 

Other affinity groups and professional development organizations are only focused on the fine art of writing a better grant proposal. 

Well, that’s not going to help you grow your business much... especially if no one knows of your existence.

Sadly, most grant writing business owners have been left to figure out how to grow their business ALL on their own. 

This can be quite frustrating, costly, and a real headache... mostly if you depend on it to put food on the table and keep a roof over your head.

The Growing Your Grant Writing Business In A Hurry with John Drew helps you to start moving in the right direction and removes the mysterious cloud about what you should be doing right now to help your business succeed!

Here’s how this will inspire and help you...

  • Discover the secrets of developing a thriving grant writing business and the single most crucial piece of advice he recommends that every business should have to be successful
  • Learn why it is essential for your business to have the right systems in place to maximize effectiveness and efficiency to become profitable
  • Gain increased knowledge about what successful grant business owners are doing that others are not
  • Find out his Top 3 Secrets to Marketing your services effectively, which led his business into becoming a 6 figure a year business
  • Hear how you too can add personality to your marketing materials to help boost your sells and credibility with clients and prospective clients
  • Discover the missing ingredient in your current marketing mix which should be added to ensure your business stays top of mind with existing and prospective clients

Think about it. If you are going to do grant writing for others, they are expecting you to at least know how to sell yourself... right?

  • Hear what could be the “kiss of death” for your business if you allow it to become dull and stale... (if you can grasp this one key, it would be well worth your investment)
  • You will also gain a greater perspective on the thinking of those who are considering hiring you to understand what you must do right to help sell your services
  • Gain new techniques to keep from wasting time with potential clients

Quickly Increase Your Sales And Take-Home Profits With A Time-Tested and Proven SYSTEM For Attracting Your Ideal Grant Writing Clients.

This insight is ideal for New and Veteran Grant Writers who are earnestly seeking to take their game to the next level and grow their business... all spectators can head to the stands.

  • Get ready to hear the 2 Secrets that made a HUGE $30,000.00 and $20,000.00 a month difference in John’s grant writing business that you to can start doing today to help grow your business
  • AVOID the time-wasting mistakes you are probably making by always driving out to meet with prospective clients (the money you’ll save alone in gas with this insight makes this an investment you should jump on right this minute)
  • You’ll appreciate it when you discover the #1 Anxiety Remover that helps to calm your prospective client’s fears when they are considering buying your services and how to works this again and again to your advantage!
  • Find out the one thing that John was underestimating (and that you are most likely underestimating) that can have a profound impact on you getting more “Yes” and less “No’s “... this can be a real game-changer for you
  • Learn the Best Ways to move forward when you don’t have a strategy and start at ground zero.
  • Discover why it’s necessary to have both online and offline strategies to gain and maintain clients
  • Get winning Advice on Pricing Your Services for maximum profit to start making more immediately!!

Dr. Drew shares the secrets of how his grant writing business made over $30,000 in a single month and what he did differently to get these results!

Where else will you access this specific and closely guarded money-making insight from in this industry?

Sit with any half-way decent business coach who knows what they are talking about, and you will soon discover that it will cost you at least $250.00 - $500.00.

You’ll get the same type of valuable counsel in this webinar without leaving the house.

  • Discover one thing you have to develop the GUTS to ask to get more business coming your way!
  • See how you can turn vulnerability and risk into significant assets in growing your business fast
  • Hear how time management can help you yield more generous dividends if used wisely and what you must do now to achieve this
  • Experience winning advice on what to Focus on Most and what things to focus on less to quickly achieve your goals
  • Gain reassurance on why the knowledge of grant writing is precious and see how you too can monetize it in your business
  • Learn a counterintuitive move you should use now in your business that can profoundly impact your bottom line.

This exclusive and inspiring interview will shed light on an essential business tool that every grant writing business should have, but most don’t have!

You will even hear the one thing that John credits as taking him from being an unemployable guy to becoming a successful business owner.

There are so many valuable nuggets packed throughout each minute of the interview that can help you that you will find yourself listening, again and again, to take the actionable steps to success.

 WARNING: You will also discover that you are most likely making the same BIG MISTAKE that countless other grant writing businesses are making... Undercharging!!

  • Don’t let this “BIG NO, NO” keep you in prison from paying your bills and feeling used, underappreciated, and upset!
  • Discover how to cherry-pick from the best customers who pay you well and value your services because you command higher fees
  • Learn how you are harming yourself by underpricing your services and what you need to do right now to reverse this disease!

 Don’t drag your feet on this one... Order Now!

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