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Those Who Win The Most Know The Power Of Teamwork In Winning Grants... Do You?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb. To win BIG, you need to develop a grant development team to allow you to go far and achieve tremendous sustained success. This training focuses on showing you how to build an effective and efficient team to win the maximum grants possible by working smarter and more strategically.

Here’s how you’ll benefit...

  • Gain insight on specific ways to 10X your grant efforts by working smarter vs. harder with a team to produce more and better grant applications
  • Learn the blueprint you need to build a reliable team for securing maximum grant funding and the essential roles you need to fulfill to achieve higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in winning grants
  • Discover why it is imperative for you to develop a grant development team, even if you are a solo grant professional, and learn the essential team members you need to have for greater success
  • Increase funding for your agency by incorporate strategies use by other grant teams that have paid big dividends 
  • See many of today’s best practices for establishing a high-performing grant team that functions like a well-greased engine and reaches its funding goals
  • Learn the formula for creating and leading your team like a pro by conducting focus meetings with clear goals and objectives which prevent you from going around in circles  
  • Hear the top 3 mistakes organizations make when forming a grant development team and learn practical steps to avoid these common errors
  • Gain greater clarity on the difference between a grant development team and a grant writing team, along with the best ways to pick members for each role
  • Discover 5 ways to leverage your team quickly to put thousand of dollars into your agency’s bank account in the next few months
  • Reduce wasted time and energy by implementing better systems for your grant team that produces award-winning results

This will be one of your favorite go-to resources because it will help bring out the best in your organizational advancement efforts and propel you to win again.

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