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The Advanced Grant Writing That GETS FUNDED Workshop on Video... It's Raw, Uncut, Unedited and a Goldmine!

We are introducing the Advanced Grant Writing That Gets Funded workshop classroom experience on five hours worth of videos for the first time.

You will have to be careful when you listen to this because your competitors will think you’re robbing the bank with the boatload of knowledge you will be acquiring as you listen to the secrets, systems, and strategies revealed in this series.

  • Get ready to experience a power-packed RAW... Uncut... Unedited training with Rodney Walker, today’s leading Grant Development Systems expert!
  • 5+ hours of outstanding video training designed to teach you everything you need to know about grant writing!
  • Enjoy great insight and hear Rodney address many of the same questions you have now as he shares eye-opening answers to questions in this advanced grant training to help get you funded!
  • Plus, when you purchase this SPECIAL OFFER, you will now gain instant access to some of today’s best insight into winning grants for your organization.

Here’s Is What You’ll Learn:

  • The Absolutely Best Ways to Approach Funders For Grant Money
  • The Top 3 Pillars For Writing a Successful Grant Proposal
  • 5 Proven Methods For Finding Funders That Will Give To Your Cause
  • Valuable Insight Into The Mindset Of The People Giving Out The Money
  • The 10 Essential DOs and DON’Ts in Grant Writing
  • Three Skillful Ways To Make Your Proposal Stand Out From The Rest
  • Winning Strategies To Secure Government and Foundation Grants
  • How To Critique and Score Your Grant Proposal Just Like A Professional
  • Discover What Funders Look For in Your Proposal and How To Give It To Them
  • 7 Of Today’s Best Practices and Trends in Grant Writing To Get A Competitive Edge
  • Insider Secrets on Making Your Proposal a Winner Before You Submit It
  • The Top 5 Time-Saving Grant Writing Strategies and More!!

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If you think all grant writing classes are created equally… Think again!! Let me be clear… you’re getting ready to excavate nuggets of special knowledge to get you FUNDED.

It will reveal strategies and systems that your competition only wish they knew.

This is not some uptight college university lecture taught by some out of touch professor teaching concepts on grant writing that he learned from some old book he read in the 60s.

  • This is Grant Writing in the Google-Age, and things are different!
  • This is the real deal for getting funded now with the latest strategies.
  • This is the bank president handing you the keys and the codes to the safe.
  • This is your favorite uncle showing you the hidden wall where ALL the money is stashed

Warning: this is RAW… Uncut… Unedited videos that will quite literally help you to crack codes to the Grant Money Vaults.

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