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Get ready to enjoy the type of ongoing support you deserve from today’s leading grant development system expert, Rodney Walker. You will benefit from live-streamed group coaching every month, with the additional insight only accessible to a few to give you a competitive advantage.

These cash cow, money-making insights are typically reserved ONLY for those who pay $30,000.00 in Rodney’s private one-on-one coaching program, but they are now being made available to you for the first time in this series. 

The GET FUNDED Coaching Program goes beyond merely writing your grant proposal and helps you to develop 12 Essential Campaigns to Skyrocket your Grant and Fundraising Efforts.

Money-Making Campaigns That Turn Your Agency Into A Cash Cow

  1. The Get Funded Drip Campaign
  2. The “WOW” Factor Campaign
  3. The Amazing Sponsorship Campaign
  4. The Thank You Campaign
  5. The Warming The Oven Campaign
  6. The Savvy Way Follow The Money Campaign
  7. The Making Mountains out of Molehills Campaign
  8. The World’s Greatest Story Never Told Campaign
  9. The Extreme Makeover Campaign
  10. The Pressing Your Own Press Campaign
  11. The Home Court Advantage Campaign
  12. The Open House Campaign 

Fully implementing just one of these dynamic campaigns has the power to generate thousands and even millions of dollars. Rodney will provide you with details on using each of these strategic campaigns to your advantage with your grant efforts. You’ll love gaining new and fresh ideas that are out-of-the-box strategies that will help you bring in the money!

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