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Do You Want To Boost Your Grant Writing Success? Try This And Be Amazed!

Your Letter of Inquiry is probably the most critical page of your initial grant development efforts. We call it the all-important "MONEY LETTER" that throws open the grant money vault. This training reveals savvy techniques that can help you determine if you really should do a letter of inquiry or not to make the best use of your limited time and energy.

Here's how you'll benefit...

  • Gain insight into crafting a winning letter of inquiry to position your agency in the best possible light for getting funded
  • Learn the BIG secret of why seasoned grant professionals rarely write letters of inquiries and find out what they do instead that is ten times more effective and efficient that propels them to the front of the grant funding line (this alone is worth the price of admission
  • See the 4 "Don'ts" you must avoid if you want your test letter to be taken seriously in the eyes of funders
  • Understand what those who are giving out the money are seeking to know as they read your letter of inquiry and use our special checklist to ensure you give it to them again and again
  • Discover little known trade secrets that can shave months of time and energy off of your grant pursuit to help you win sooner than those unaware of these ethical yet compelling strategies
  • Find out the number #1 skill you must quickly develop to eliminate the necessity of spending hours attempting to craft a great letter of intent
  • Increase your confidence by knowing exactly what makes a superior test letter vs. inferior test letters (which are easy to dismiss and get rejected... miss this at your own financial risk
  • Receive more positive responses and proposal invitations from funders by developing a compelling letter of inquiry addressing precisely what they want
  • Learn how to prequalify each letter of intent before the funder ever see it

Now is the time to take your grant development knowledge and skills to the next level, and this training is sure to help you make better use of your time, resources, and efforts. It could be the missing key that unlocks more funding for your next grant!

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