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There's Another School or District Waiting To Snatch Your Grant Money - And They're Too Smart To Write Grants The Old Way!

If Your School or District Is Doing Grant Writing, The Old Way It’s Costing You Money And You Don’t Even Know It!

Most school administrators would be shocked at how much money they are leaving on the table by grant writing the old fashion and outdated way. But one thing is for sure.

The more progressive and savvy schools are quite happy with you doing things the antiquated way because it means more money for them.

You’ve got to do what the small handful of informed schools and districts are doing to get maximum results.

BUT... there’s one more BIG PROBLEM! You don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing that these other “in the know” schools are doing to get far better results than you are.

Well, that’s all about to change when you get the Get Funded Education Grant System!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…

• The roadmap for getting more School Grants for your district.

• Discover 12 BIG Secrets every school administrator MUST know to turn your district into a grant cash cow that gets funded continuously!

• The 5 Best Ways to give your school district an Extreme Makeover to become irresistibly attractive to funders.

• The $3.48 secret that makes funders want to give to you quicker and more often than other school districts.

• The 4 Quickest Ways to put an extra $50K - $100K into your school districts’ bank account within 30 Days that your competition doesn’t want you to know.

• 3 Top P’s funders look at BEFORE deciding to give your district a SINGLE penny and how to use our Grant Money Magnet™ techniques to earn maximum funding in minimum time.

• The 7 Top money-making grant strategies for TODAY’s school districts that gives you an unfair advantage

• 2 “undercover” (but ethical) ways to see exactly what funders are looking for in your proposals before you submit them!

• 10 Ways to tap into overlooked, underutilized, “hidden gems” in your school district that can help attract BIG money for your schools.

• You will also gain special access to the top tips on what your district needs to do online and offline to create a winning GRANT CAMPAIGN that gets funded. You’ll love this!

• 3 breakthrough methods for injecting NEW LIFE into your ability to get funds that others are overlooking and too busy to apply for because they aren’t working smart!

Plus, You’ll Learn...

• 7 Ways to create a great “Public Perception” and WHY getting this right brings you to the front of the grant money line and how getting this wrong sends you immediately to the back of the line empty-handed!

• 10 Books you must read that will BOOST your money-making IQ, skills, and abilities to raise lots of grant money for your district.

• Clever ways to GOLD DIG from our grant money-making ideas from the numerous case studies, special reports, and networking opportunities you’ll have at this energizing event!

• How to find HIDDEN GRANT OPPORTUNITIES before they are revealed to the general public and the 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO NOW to position your district to skip to the front of the line to get them. 

Just imagine what it will feel like to go from being uninformed and clueless to being dialed-in with today’s best practices for getting a steady wave of education grants. 

Several of my students have already discovered that one of my ideas is worth over $15,000.00

So, two ideas implemented can return $30,000.00 and three over $45,000.00

A number of my students that I’ve helped raise millions can attest to the fact that just one idea can yield $100,000.00 or more! 

In this training, you will hear two days’ worth of grant money-making valuable ideas.

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