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The Grant Writing Apprenticeship Program that's sure to Transform Your Life, Career and Vision in the Most Profound Way!

PLEASE NOTE: Our apprenticeship and coaching programs are exclusive GFIC members-only trainings that are by invitation only. Those interested in being considered as potential students are encouraged to speak with one of our grant coaches to discuss a customized curriculum to meet your personal needs.

VIP GET FUNDED NOW Coaching & Business Program 8 Week Training

 Ideal for those seeking to launch a successful grant business

  • Mon. and Thurs. 4:30 p.m. (PST)

  • Weekly Instructional Coaching (8 Live Sessions)

  • Weekly Q & A Coaching (8 Live Sessions)

  • Weekly Accountability & Assessment

  • On-going Phone & Email Support

  • Comprehensive Set of Video and Audio Materials:

  • The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Series

  • Specialized Business & Marketing Coaching

  • The Ultimate Grant Business Bootcamp Coaching Videos

  • Growing A Grant Writing Business Fast Video Series

  • Grant Writing Insights Funders & Grant Professionals Series

  • How To Earn An Extra $500 to $1,000 A Month With Your Grant Skills

  • Officially Recognized As An Affiliate Member of Grant Central USA  


TRAILBLAZERS - GET FUNDED NOW Coaching Program - 6 Week Training

Ideal for those seeking to learn grant writing and get a job

  • Mon. and Thurs. 5:30 p.m. (PST)

  • Weekly Instructional Coaching (6 Live Sessions)

  • Weekly Q & A Coaching (6 Live Sessions)

  • Weekly Accountability & Assessment

  • On-going Phone & Email Support

  • Grant Writing Certification Upon Completion & Assessment

  • Comprehensive Set of Video and Audio Materials:

  • The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Series

  • Your First 30 Days in Grant Writing Coaching Series

  • Breaking Into The Field of Grant Writing Fast

  • Becoming A Grant Writer And Getting A Job Within 60 Days

  • How To Earn An Extra $500 to $1,000 A Month With Your Grant Skills


RISING STAR - GET FUNDED NOW Coaching Program 4 Week Training

Ideal for those seeking to learn grant writing & develop a proposal

  • Mon. and Thurs. 5:30 p.m. (PST)

  • Weekly Instructional Coaching (4 Live Sessions)

  • Weekly Q & A Coaching (4 Live Sessions)

  • Weekly Accountability & Assessment

  • On-going Phone & Email Support

  • Grant Writing Certification Upon Completion & Assessment

  • Comprehensive Set of Video and Audio Materials:

  • The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded Series

  • Your First 30 Days in Grant Writing Coaching Series

  • Breaking Into The Field of Grant Writing Fast

  • How To Earn An Extra $500 to $1,000 A Month With Your Grant Skills



 So you want to do a Grant Writing Internship or Apprenticeship?

Smart move… but why?

  • Why are you interested in doing this with us?

  • Have you looked at the internet and discovered that a grant writing internship will be the quickest way to break into the field of grant writing?

  • Did you notice most of the grant writing job postings require the applicant to submit 2 - 3 grant proposal writing samples?

  • Maybe you realized like countless others did that the number one thing most grant writing jobs require is the experience.

Yes, experience!

But if you are new to grant writing you really don’t have experience… right?

Maybe you have taken a grant writing class or two…

Does this qualify for experience?

Well, think about.

  • If you were the employer do you want to hire someone who only took a class?

  • Or would you prefer to hire the person who took the class and used their training in some real-life situations?

  • Simply put… do you want the rookie or the person with the experience?

 This is really easy to answer. 

We would both want the person with the experience… right?


Because we both know that experience matters.

  • Experience breeds confidence. 

  • Confidence helps to breed success.

  • Success translates into money.

Confidence is important with most things in life… but it is especially important in grant writing.

So let me ask you an honest question.

How is your grant writing confidence on a scale of 1 – 10? (1 being low and 10 high)

  • Do you just apply for a grant out of the blue?

  • Do you send out the same generic grant request to many funders?

  • Do you look for grants to apply for in a bookstore or a local library?

  • Do you even know where the best place is to start looking for grants? Here’s a clue… it is not at your local bookstore. Most of the information is outdated in those books before it even makes it to the bookshelves.

  • Do you ask for money solely based on your needs? Yes, we all have needs and wants. But have you thought about the fact that the person, organization, or government agency giving out the money also has some desires that they want to serve?

  • Do you ask for a certain amount of grant money based solely on how much you need?

  • Do you even know how much money to ask for? This is critical, because if you ask for too much you will likely be denied, and if you ask for too little you shortchange yourself. We will share our secrets to asking for the right amount.

  • Do you write a grant and send it out overnight just to make sure it gets there on time?

Okay, these are just a few grant-related questions… but what about the business side of grant writing?

  • Are you confident about what you should do as a freelance grant writer?

  • Do you know what you should be charging for your services?

  • Do you know how to get new clients?

  • Do you even know what to do once you get a client?

  • How solid is your grant writing business planYes, business plan! 

  • Should you file your business as an LLC, S Corporation, or sole proprietorship?

  • What does your contractual agreement look like?

  • Are you aware of what it should contain at a bare minimum?

  • How are you handling your accounting and taxes?

  • How confident are you in marketing your grant writing business?

  • Do you need insurance? And if so what kind?

These are just a few of the basics questions…

Do You Find Yourself Asking These Questions?

  • How do I ensure my clients pay me?

  • How do I make sure I get paid on time?

  • How can I ensure that I am paid what I am worth?

  • How should I organize my business?

  • Where do I go for support, encouragement, and guidance?

  • Who should I have on my team?

I could go on and on… but you get the point.

Experience and knowledge help to answer these questions.

That’s why I think it is a smart move for you to consider doing an apprenticeship and internship. 


Breaking Into The Grant Writing Arena...

Who will help you navigate your grant writing journey?

I never will forget when I was new to grant writing.

I was eager to learn grant writing from someone more experienced than myself.

But there was one problem…

No one would teach me!

The few grant writers I knew were very protective of their knowledge. 

I guess they thought I would take their knowledge and steal some of their business.

I am really not sure what the deal was.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t find anyone to mentor me.

Mind you…

Most grant writers are very kind and loving people.

But… the really successful ones are often in high demand. 

This means they are very busy.

If you are fortunate you have someone in your family or close network that can take you underneath their wings.

They can teach you the ropes. However, if you don’t you need to get an internship.

What is so unique about our grant writing apprenticeship and internship program?

A lot… no seriously!

If truth be told, not all grant writing training is created equally.

Let me explain. 

Have you ever had a tailored made suit... you know from a professional tailor?

This person designs a suit to fit you and your unique measurements.

Our grant writing apprenticeship program is like a tailored suit.

We customized our program to help accomplish the goals you want.

We have designed a very robust and rigorous program.

However, we designed it around you to help you develop in the areas that are important to you.

Now, you can go to a one-size-fits-all program, but remember you get what you pay for.

Have you ever seen someone with a suit that didn’t fit?

Enough said.

Let me ask you a question.

Suppose you had to go in for open-heart surgery.

 Who do you want operating on you?

  • Someone who has read about open-heart surgery, but never performed one?

  • Someone who has watched someone conduct a successful open-heart surgery?

  • Someone who has conducted numerous successful open-heart surgeries?

Again, this is a no-brainer.

We all would want the person with the most experience.

We want the person and hospital that has been there and done that. 

So why is it any different when it comes to who you will learn grant writing from?

Okay… I know one is life and death but beyond this.

Why would you want to learn from someone who has only read the textbook?



Have you ever heard of something call triangulation?

Triangulation is often used to indicate that more than two methods are used in a study with a view to double (or triple) checking results.

This is also called "cross-examination".

The idea is that one can be more confident with a result if different methods lead to the same result.

Well, our grant writing training masters the art of triangulation.

Our apprenticeship program does as well.

Let me explain.

If you were going to study law would you only want to study from one person?

Probably not… regardless of how good the person training you is.

In fact, if they are really good they have learned from several sources as well.

This is triangulation in a sense!

However, with most grant writing classes you are only learning from one person.

Yes, just one person!

How we are different from other grant writing programs?

  1. When you take our program you will learn from many people.

  2. Our program provides you with the essential knowledge.

  3. We give you everything you need to write effective grant proposals.

  4. You not only learn how to write a grant proposal, but we can also help you learn the business side of grant writing if you desire.

See what one of our many students said about our training...

 She Used Our Grant System And Won $25,000.00 in Less Than 3 Months

“…I took his class before I started my new job as a grant writer and felt equipped and ready to go upon my first day. Within 90 days we received funding!” Kelsey Prenger, Grant Writer, Project Transformation in Dallas, TX

From Not Knowing What She Was Doing Wrong… To Writing A Grant Worth $400,000.00 Within 6 Months!

“Thank you again for what you shared with us in the grant writing class. I took your advice…Last Wednesday we received notification that the foundation board has approved our proposal of $400,000.” – Kathleen Tiemubol, Brehm Center, Pasadena, California


“It was literally my first week of working at Deaf Action Center…they threw me into your workshop. I knew nothing about grant writing and your workshop helped a ton!” - Hollie Abraham, Executive Assistant Deaf Action Group

Librarian Helped Her School Secure A $25,000.00 Within 5 Months Of Using Our Comprehensive Approach!

“Thank you so much for your help. Probably not a day has gone by that I didn't use something from your workshop.” - Evelyn Barker, Director of Grants and Special Project at University of Texas


Educator Helped Raised $15,000.00 For Their Youth Center In Under 6 Months To Buy Much Needed Supplies!

Last year I was seeking to set-up a community youth center… I attended the grant writing seminar. This was followed by several sessions of one-on-one coaching opportunities. We applied for a set-up grant and was awarded $15,000. This grant was possible primarily due to the professional guidance through the project design and the grant writing process. The staff is more than knowledgeable. They are friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help folks like me figure out how to do what I feel call to do, serve the community."

- Kinoti Meme, PhD., Associate Professor at Regis University, Denver, Colorado

Lawyer Started From ZERO Knowledge… She Worked Our System… Resulting In Over $400,000.00 In Just One Year!

“I hit my benchmark goal of $350,000.00!” - Rebecca Laharia, Philanthropy and Grant Professional in Allen, Texas

We come to you… yes… no need to travel to the top school because the top program will come to you.

Here is how…

Our team has developed the most interactive and effective grant writing online course available today… satisfaction guaranteed!

It includes:

  • Grant Writing Coaching

  • Informative Audio Resources

  • Insightful Video Training

  • Engaging and Interactive Lectures

  • Colorful PowerPoint Handouts

  • Grant Writing Course Notes

  • Exclusive and semi-exclusive interviews with:

    • Funders
    • Grant writers

    • Consultants

    • Foundation Executives

    • Government Officials

  • One Shining Star Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

Most grant writing courses come with one instructor.

This stand-alone person is all that you hear from.

This means you end up getting a lot of monologues… which can become quite borings (if you know what I mean).


Did you know the best way to learn online was in short concise increments?

Don’t forget about what I said in regards to triangulation.

If you choose the wrong program you could spend hours trying to stay engaged as one person goes on and on and rambles about stuff that really doesn’t matter.

Oh, did I mention you would be lucky if you got that?

What do I mean?

Some grant writing online courses don’t even come with lectures… just text.

You never hear from the instructor unless you are reading what they have written!

You might as well just go get a book… right?

Our training comes with a well-thought-out course syllabus that has a multi-disciplinary approach for learning.

  • It is conveyed in short, easy to understand portions… making it enjoyable to learn 

  • It also caters to the different learning styles (audio, visual, and kinesthetic, etc.) 

  • It has been offered as various colleges and universities (Regis University, San Diego State University, Chaffey College, Hawaii University, Florida Atlantic University, Pasadena City College just to name few)

  • The good news is our quality training program meets you wherever you want to learn.

Just imagine, you will be able to list one or two internships on your resume from organizations in different parts of the country.

Our Grant Writing Intern and Apprenticeship Program Uniqueness

Our program is more than just book knowledge.

It is about getting the essential knowledge and doing something with it.

  • Our program is no cakewalk… it is very comprehensive and thorough.
  • There are high expectations for those selected to participate… and yes, there is a cost. 

 Why is there a cost to participate in our intern and apprenticeship program?

We both know that nothing is free in life.

Nothing…or nothing of real value.

  • If you want to be a doctor… it will cost you

  • If you want to be a lawyer… it will cost you

  • If you want to be a beautician… it will cost you

  • If you want to be a technician… it will cost you

  • If you want to be a good grant writer... it will cost you.

At the very least it will cost you time, energy, and money.


Because this is an investment in your future.

  • If you don’t invest in yourself don’t expect others to.
  • If you and your future are not worth investing into then this is definitely not the program for you.

There are a number of other grant writing internships and employers with lower standards than we have that will be happy to have you.

Our Grant Writing Apprenticeship is designed for… 

  • The few serious about learning grant writing the quickest and most efficient way

  • The few disciplined enough to follow through with assignments

  • The few seriously considering grant writing as a career or part-time job

  • The few committed to excellence and want to study with the best

  • The few who are willing to put in the hard work this program requires 

  • The few who believe they could truly benefit from being coached in grant writing

  • The few who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of the business of grant writing 

  • Think of this program as the Navy SEAL of grant writing internships.

Everyone does not cut the mustard to become a SEAL... the same is true with our program.

That is why we conduct a formal 40 - 50-minute initial interview with everyone candidate before they are officially invited to participate in our program.

  • We must be confident you are a good fit...and you should make sure we are a fit for you.


Our Grant Writing Intern and Apprenticeship is not designed for…

  • Those who only want to learn about grant writing… we have great classes for that!

  • Those who have a poor track record to completing projects in a timely manner

  • Those who are just curious about grant writing and need something to do

  • Those who are not willing to put in the hard work this program will require

  • Those who would be intimidated by a college-level course 

Frequently Asked Question

Do I need a computer and computer skills to participate in the program?
Yes, you absolutely will need a computer or great access to one for this program

Do I need a college degree to participate in this program?

No. However, if the thought of taking a college course intimidated you then this is definitely not the program for you

We have helped those with no degrees and those with Ph.D. succeed

Do I need to move to participate in this program?

No. You can complete this program 100% from your current location

You will be trained on today’s best online grant writing course

You will also have scheduled coaching session that will be conducted by phone

We offer three different programs...

Typically our programs are completed within 1 - 2 months 

What is the difference between your grant writing internship and the apprenticeship program? 

Our grant writing apprenticeship program is where you learn more about the business side of the grant writing by working with us in addition to the sponsoring organization where you are recognized as their intern. Our grant writing intern program connects you with a sponsoring organization where you complete an internship with them by preparing a grant proposal.

How will the nonprofit organization I will prepare a grant proposal for be selected?

This really depends on your specific goals.

We already have a network of organizations interested in getting an intern.

We help you obtain an internship with an organization that you think is the best fit for you based on your goals.

What are the benefits of doing a grant writing intern and apprenticeship program with Grant Central USA?

Truthfully, a whole lot. Too much to fill out here, but are here a just a few benefits:

  • You leave with a solid understanding of grant writing

  • You will gain a well-rounded understanding of the grant writing business

  • You benefit by learning at a time that is convenient for you

  • You don’t have to quit your day job to complete our program

  • You will be able to add 2 - 3 nonprofit organization to your resume

  • You will gain the experience you need to build your confidence

  • You will get an advanced grant writing certificate upon completion 

Can I get school credits for during my internship with Grant Central USA? 
Maybe… We have helped others do our internship in conjunction with their school requirements.

If you are enrolled in college or university that will allow you to use this as your official internship then you will get credit.

We do not promise or handle this for you.

It is completely up to you and your institution to you with academic credits. However, we will verify your participation in our program in writing if required.







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