Application Deadline November 10, 2021


Interested In Turning Your School District Into A Grant Money Magnet And Securing Millions?


Dear School Administrator,

I’m excited to announce the K12 Grant Money Magnet (GMM) program will begin on January 10, 2022. This program is designed to help you and your school district secure the maximum grant funding possible by using today’s best practices with our proven system that has already generated over $357 Million for our clients.

This one-year program is specially designed to empower your school district with the tools, insights, strategies, and systems required to garner more grants and capture the currently overlooked funding.

Our program has an 8-week intensive to assist you and your team accelerate in effectively and efficiently using our GMM Grant Campaign.


This Program Is Good For Those Who

  • Realize their district’s grant-seeking efforts could use a boost and more direction
  • Are open to new ideas that can bring more money into their district
  • Have a desire to discover the areas they can improve in right now to win grants
  • Can take the necessary actions required to fix their district’s lack of grants and financial problems if provided with a step-by-step corrective action plan
  • Recognize their district aren’t getting their fair share of grant money, and want to do something about it sooner rather than later


This Program Is Not Good For Those If You Are

  • Committed to using antiquated, outdated, and broken systems for grant development
  • Not interested in bringing more monies to your district because you already have a large surplus
  • Believe you have ALL the answers to your school district’s financial problems
  • Clinging only to what has worked in the past and are unwilling to adapt for tremendous success in your grant seeking efforts
  • Easily distracted with nay-sayers who believe there isn’t a thing you can do to fix your district’s financial problems and think it is something you must only endure.

Our program provides a done for you, done with you, and a how-to option to be customized for your specific needs.


A Few Ways Your School District Benefits:

  • Increase Grant Money To Fill Your District’s Funding Gaps and better utilize your existing resources
  • Professional Guidance And Direction from the foremost expert in School District Grant Campaigns and author of GET FUNDED, The 7 Secrets Every Superintendent Should Know To Turn Your District Into A Grant Money Magnet
  • Money-Generating, Stress-Free, Proven Grant Development System that removes all guesswork and frustration, leading to increase success
  • Gain Grant Secrets And Short-Cuts To Fast Track Your District’s Grant Efforts and rally your team strategical without wasting time
  • Fix The Grant Leaks And Optimized Your District To Become Highly Attractive To Funders likely to support your schools


Please note, we are only accepting a limited number of school districts into this highly competitive program which will gain exclusive access to today’s most comprehensive education grant training on the market. This program requires an application and interview to be considered. It is by invitation only.

If your district is serious about bringing in more funding and implementing a comprehensive grant development campaign, you are welcome to APPLY HERE.


All the best,

Rodney Walker

President of Grant Central USA



Application Deadline: November 10, 2021