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Dear Educator,

It is with great excitement that I’m writing to inform you about the Education Grants Conference which will take place on October 20-21, 2021 as a 100% virtual event. This is the premier event for educators seeking to bring more funds to their district.

This conference is especially designed to provide your school district with solid solutions and practical action steps to implement immediately to boost your grant development efforts to Get Funded Now! 

Here are just a few of the ways your district will BENEFIT from this event:

  • Gain expert insight into how to implementing a comprehensive Grant Development System that is currently used by less than 1% of school districts nationwide to give your district a tremendous competitive edge in securing both public and private grants!


  • Discover the most effective way to harness “relational equity” into your school district’s grant efforts and cause funders to become magnetically incline to award you more grants year after year by using today’s best practices.


  • Learn to become more efficient in developing education grants that get funded more often in less than half the time by implementing our 5 Point Time Saving Methods and Strategies.


  • Find out why antiquated, out-dated methods of securing education grants no longer work effectively and exactly what your district needs to do now in order to correct these costly mistakes which prevent you from getting the maximum number of grants possible.


I would highly recommend that you send at least 2 or 3 representatives from your district to the conference because this could be one of the most important conferences your district attends!



Annual Conference - Virtual Event


Hosted by Rodney Walker of Grant Central USA

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🎟 Get All-Access Pass for Just $97 Before Oct. 19th!

Don’t Miss The Education Grants Conference!

Here’s What You'll Learn... 

• The roadmap for getting more School Grants for your district.
• Discover 12 BIG Secrets every school administrator MUST know to turn your district into a grant cash cow that gets funded continuously!
• The 5 Best Ways to give your school district an Extreme Makeover to become irresistibly attractive to funders.
• The $3.48 secret that makes funders want to give to you quicker and more often than other school districts.
• The 4 Quickest Ways to put an extra $50K - $100K into your school districts' bank account within 30 Days that your competition doesn't want you to know.
• 3 Top P's funders look at BEFORE deciding to give your district a SINGLE penny and how to use our Grant Money Magnet techniques to earn maximum funding in minimum time.
• The 7 Top money-making grant strategies for TODAY's school districts that really gives you an unfair advantage
• 2 "undercover" (but ethical) ways to see exactly what funders are looking for in your proposals before you submit it!
  • 10 Ways to tap into overlooked, underutilized, "hidden gem" in your school district that can help attract BIG money for your schools
  • You will also gain special access to the top tips on what your district needs to do online and offline to create a winning GRANT CAMPAIGN that gets funded. You'll love this!

• 3 breakthrough methods for injecting NEW LIFE into your ability to get funds that others are overlooking and too busy to apply for because they aren't working smart!
PLUS, You'll Learn...
• 7 Ways to create a great "Public Perception" and WHY getting this right brings you to the front of the grant money line and how getting this wrong sends you immediately to the back of the line empty handed!
• 10 Books you must read that will BOOST your money-making IQ, skills and abilities to raise lots of grant money for your district.
• Clever ways to GOLD DIG grant money-making ideas from the numerous cases studies, special reports, and networking opportunities you'll have at this energizing event!
• How to find HIDDEN GRANT OPPORTUNITIES before they are revealed to the general public and the 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO DO NOW to position your district to skip to the front of the line to get them (this alone is worth the price of admission).

If your district is currently not working SMART…  it is working HARD.

This is costing your district lost money and lowering the quality of education you can provide.

The Education Grants Conference is the only conference in our nation dedicated exclusively to helping your districts win more grant money on a regular bases by setting up the proper grant-money-making-systems for maximum funding.

You should know that this isn’t some generic grant training… this is especially designed for you! This conference is highly customized to turn your district into a grant cash cow!

Education Grants Conference 2021

The Conference That Helps Educators Secure Grant Funding!









Get All-Access Pass for Just $97 Before Oct. 19th!