Joining a winning team with a proven track record of helping organizations and individuals to Get Funded!

Interested In Earning $115,000 Annual Income Consulting As A Trusted Advisor?

Grant  Central USA is offering certified grant advisor licenses for 2020 to suitable training partner organizations and individuals throughout the United States. If you would like to secure a geographical area with exclusive delivery rights then this is an ideal opportunity.

You are not limited to training just one day per week, of course.  It’s up to you how much you deliver and you can have as many trainers as you desire. The marketplace is highly interested in learning proven ways to raise revenue to increase their bottom line; especially nonprofits, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and faith-based organizations seeking grant funding.

We are excited to announce that, on March 25, 2020, we will officially start our Licensing Pilot-Program for our Grant Money Magnet™️ and Grant Writing That Gets Funded™️ training. As a licensee, you will be able to deliver both of these one- and two-day trainings to the public and private sector on an exclusive basis across your area.

These programs build on the extensive work we have done since 2006 of empowering organizations and individuals throughout the United States to learn how to secure maximum grant funding for their agencies.

Grant Central USA will partner with a few elite grant professionals, trainers, and organizations to continue offering in-person and online courses as today's premier grant training providers. 

As part of our comprehensive licensee support package, we will train you (and your staff) to deliver these workshops. We will provide all training materials, offer marketing assistance, and arrange ongoing support through the network of certified licensees.

More information, including details on the 10 exclusive areas available are detailed below. Learn about the 5 free bonuses for 2020 licensees upon completing the one-page application form if you wish to join our team. Completed applications must be returned by Thursday, Jan 30, 2020. You can also apply for our affiliate program which pays a commission on select programs, products, and services.

If you have any questions, call Christine at 1-888-293-0284.   

All the best,

Rodney Walker

President of Grant Central USA


Application Deadline: January 30, 2020

This opportunity is officially closed. To join the waiting list for the next wave of applicants, contact us at [email protected].


Program Overview

 A Get Funded Advisor™ (GFA) is a certified grant advisor on the Grant Money Magnet™ system. Advisors are grant professionals, nonprofit consultants, and business owners who have successfully secured grant funding and have a desire to teach, consult, and advise other nonprofits and governmental agencies on winning grants strategically.

Grant Money Magnet™ provides a unique opportunity for business leaders that meet strict criteria to operate an independent Get Funded Advisory and consulting business with the support of Grant Central USA - Grant Writers Association. 

Get Funded Advisors help nonprofits, government agencies, and individuals implement the Grant Money Magnet™ system to grow their grant funding.

GFAs can grow and enhance their own business and generate income in myriad ways:

Advisors have the exclusive right to offer the Grant Development Funding Report, Get Fund Grant Audits, and My Grant Writing Department in a Box™ monthly product and keep 100% of all revenue.
 Advisors become 1:1 private grant advisors to their client base and recommend "
My Grant Writing Department in a Box™" to grow their grant funding when appropriate.

Advisors have the exclusive right to lead area specific or industry specific study/mastermind groups and keep 100% of all revenue.

 Advisors have the exclusive right to be compensated for all clients referred to Grant Money Magnet™, Grant Central USA - Grant Writers Association, and Get Funded Inner Circle.

Exclusive Branding, Visibility, and Marketing through Grant Central USA and the Get Funded Inner Circle.


Prospective Advisors must first complete a detailed application. After submission, a series of in-depth telephone interviews are conducted. If preliminary approval is granted, prospective Advisors must clear a criminal background and credit history check.

Accepted Advisors are assigned an area of primary responsibility. Training and certification must be completed before the Advisor may begin work under Grant Central USA and the Get Funded - Grant Money Magnet brand. A 3-day orientation is required for all Advisors prior to launch.

Each Advisor participates in the program on a rolling 12-month term. At the end of each term Grant Central USA and Advisor will mutually agree on renewal. Advisors must directly generate 12 new Grant Money Magnet Members annually to be in good standing. If an advisor exceeds their performance minimum per quarter the Advisor is eligible for bonus compensation in that quarter.