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Meet Kathleen

Kathleen came to us because she was frustrated and unsure about why her grant proposals were not getting funded.  

During our training, we helped her learn how to approach funders in a compelling way, and taught her advanced grant research techniques, and got her in front of the right people within her target request. 

These shifts made a tremendous difference and produced new results.

 Within 6 months of working together, Kathleen implemented our grant system and landed a $400,000.00 for her agency that was very timely for their needs.


Meet Michael

Michael came to us with no knowledge of how to win grants for his organization. He needed a solution to help him garner more money to support their local and abroad relief efforts.

During our coaching, we helped Michael to establish a solid game-plan and strategy to pursue grant funding which was beyond the traditional method of merely writing a grant proposal. We helped him implement a comprehensive grant development system.

Michael became the Executive Director for his agency and landed a $147,900.00 grant and $500,000.00 worth of food for their initiative from the USDA.

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Meet Nikki

Nikki came to us with experience as a grant manager, but was unaware of what was required to apply and win 6 and 7 figure grants.

During our partnership, we taught her how to develop compelling stories highlighting her organization's efforts, taught her solid ways to converse with funders, and the best ways to properly identify the right organizations likely to fund their efforts.

Within 9 months of working together, Nikki secured $2.5 Million for her agency using our system. Before the end of her first year this amount increased to more than $4 Million.

  • Don't waste time. Discover what High-Performing Organization Do To Win the Maximum Grants possible and gain a competitive advantage which they use continuously to generate revenue.
  • Stop being overlooked and leaving money on the table. Take your grant efforts into your own hands and identity where money is being Left on the Table that can be used to Help Fund Your Organizations Needs.
  •  Stop questioning yourself - Be 100% Confident in your ability and finally raise the funds your agency needs and deserves. 
  • Get the most out of your fundraising efforts by Implementing Proven Strategies used by the Top 5% of agencies seeking grants!
  • Stop Playing SMALL and rise to the challenge of garnering money for your agency to Have A Greater IMPACT.

"Your agency can increase your grant funding, but it will require intentionally."

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Rodney Walker is considered a national authority in the grant and philanthropy industry, having been featured as a grant expert multiple times in numerous videos, interviews, and publications. He is also the author of The Ultimate Grant Writing That Gets Funded training.





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