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Make Way For The New Strategy Of Developing Forever Grants That Yield Money Continuously

There's a better way to develop grants that transform them from being a single transaction of receiving "a grant" into being a "perpetual grant" that produces a harvest of funding for your agency. This new way is called the "Forever Grant," and if you're not incorporating this strategy into your current efforts, you miss out on funding now and in the future. Get ready to turn things around and start working smarter with every grant you submit by using this strategy.

Here's how you'll benefit...

  • Gain insight into what the forever grant is and how to incorporate this powerful strategy into your grant fund development request
  • See clearly why it is to your advantage to say "Goodbye" to the old traditional way of writing a grant which only offers you funding once instead of embracing a strategy to receive funds for every initiative continuously
  • Learn why only a few forward-thinking agencies have fully realized and implemented the enormous benefits of doing forever grants and how you can become one of the elite agency using this to your advantage now
  • Move from playing checkers to chess and take your advancement efforts to the next level by doing strategic grant development the way superior professionals pursue funding to generate recurring revenue from each grant awarded
  • Hear cases studies and practical examples of ways to incorporate a forever grant strategy into your existing grant applications by transforming them from being short-sighted proposals to becoming forever transactions
  • Learn how to make a philosophical shift in the "waiting-for-the-next-handout grant" mindset to one that boldly shapes the future with a forever grant mindset
  • Discover what is required to leave the out-date way of preparing single funded grants to the new method, which helps organizations to be more self-sustaining 

This one training could be the single most crucial idea you hear this year and, when fully implemented, can have a rippling impact on your organization's bottom line for years to come. 

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