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5 Keys To Laying A Successful Foundation for Your Board To Help Them Thrive

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Most Nonprofit Boards Are Surprised To Discover That They Are Operating ILLEGAL And Their Poor Performance Opens Up The Door For Potential Lawsuits If This Is Not Corrected!

There are more than 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the United States, not to mention the thousands that exist which are not registered.

Every registered nonprofit is required to have a board of directors that oversees the affairs of the organization. However, most nonprofit boards are poorly trained, if they are trained at all… which causes many organizations to UNDERPERFORM and never live up to their true potential.

Does This Sounds Like Your Nonprofit Board…

  • Are your board meeting poorly ran and lasting way longer than they should?
  • Are board members not showing up consistently to board meetings?
  • Is the bulk of the responsibility of the board being carried out by only one or two people?
  • Are your board members detached and uninvolved in raising funds for the organization?
  • Is your nonprofit underperforming and just getting by because of an absence of effective leadership at the top?
  • Do most of the board members lack a complete understanding of their roles and responsibilities because they have never been taught?
  • Is your board operating without a good board manual outlining what is expected of them in this position?
  • Are your board members overstepping their boundaries because they lack clarity on what is stated in your agency’s bylaws?

If so, then you owe it to yourself and your nonprofit organization to attend the Building Better Boards training and discover the important keys your organization needs to gain in order to help your board become a high-performing team that produces GREAT RESULTS!

On this webinar, you learn what it takes to turn an underperforming and dysfunctional board around the most effective and efficient way without wasting lots of aimless time and energy.

This training is also especially helpful for those just starting out and in the early development stages of your nonprofit.

The Building Better Boards webinar will help you to…

  • Discover why the health of your board is a direct indicator of the foundational condition of your organization.
  • See why so many nonprofits drift from their stated mission when boards underperform.
  • Learn why the old way to run a board causes more damage to the well-being of the agency than good.

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