Exclusive Grant Application For Museums in the United States


Invitation To Apply For Fund Development Capacity Building Matching Grant

Help Your Museum Raise The Funds It Needs


Your museum is being invited to apply for our limited capacity-building matching grants. Please read the frequently asked questions before applying. Our support for capacity-building grants is limited, and therefore, applications are by invitation only. Only apply if you have been directly invited to by our senior program officer in a formal letter. Any non-invited applications will not be considered.


How to Apply

Museums may apply only once per year. We use a two-stage application process, first with an initial application and a phone interview with those invited to the second stage. All applications must be submitted online. 


Your museum is eligible to apply if it:

  • Has been formally invited to apply.
  • Aligns with one or more empowerment goals.
  • Is a 501(c)(3) public charity that is a museum.
  • Serves the people and communities of the United States.

How to Apply

→ Step One: Review your museum's eligibility and frequently asked questions. 

→ Step Two: Prepare to complete the initial application by reviewing the application guide and questions. 

→ Step Three: Submit your request by 5:00 p.m. on your specified deadline date. 

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Your organization has been invited to apply because your work has come to our attention from one of our team members, partnering agencies, and/or grant recipient have referred you as a potentially good candidate for consideration based upon your history and the work you do.

Capacity building grants are a recognition that organizations need to build management systems as well as programs. By helping you to improve your organization's systems and operations, they are strengthening your ability to serve your clients.

This matching grant is designed to increase your organization’s ability to win more grants by providing your team with grant development training. If awarded this matching grant, your organization would be eligible to receive two enrollments for your staff into the capacity building program.


Our research has revealed that most organizations have received little to no training in pursuing private and public grants. This includes the top administrators who have often times been thrusted into a role where they are expected to raise moneys for their organization, but no one has shown them how. 

Thus, their abilities to effectively guide their teams to win the most grant money is limited.This matching grant helps to close that gap.

If awarded this capacity-building matching grant, your organization would be eligible to receive two enrollments for your staff into our fund development capacity-building program.

This might include the top administrator and/or your primary grant writer, development director, communications personnel, board member or volunteer.

Our matching grant requires each recipient to provide a matching portion of the amount in order to receive the other part of the grant.

There are several ways our grant awardees and alumni have benefited from this grant. Here are a few common ways we have seen:

  • Helps You Raise More Money
  • Gain Insight To Fix Your Weaknesses
  • Discover The Missing Opportunities
  • Develop Better Systems And Strategies
  • Enhance Your Performance As A Team
  • Become More Focused And Organized
  • Win More Money By Working Smarter
  • Improve Communications With Funders
  • Manage Grants More Effectively
  • Tap Into Money You’re Overlooking

If awarded this matching grant, it will be directly applied to your grant development coaching program and registration into the online grant training at the time of your enrollment for activation.

  • Full Participation
  • 2 Participants Going Through The Training
  • A 15% Matching Contribution if Awarded
  • Grant Reporting - Two Times (3rd month and 9th month)

*Only Apply If You Have Been Officially Invited

Non-Invited Applications Will Not Be Considered


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